DSDP – TM Conference Call, 11-November -2005

Meeting Notes


Wind River – Salzburg, Austria

Martin Oberhuber – WR Technical lead for DSDP-Target Manager

Doug Gaff – DSDP Project Lead



Dave Dykstal – Remote System Explorer (RSE)



Peter Lachner – Manages XScale component tools project; currently compiler tools



Pierre-Alexandre Masse – wrote the Bugzilla 65471 RSF framework



Doug Schaefer – CDT Project Lead



Victor Palau – Engineering Manage for Tools at Symbian

Neil Taylor – Technological architect for Tools at Symbian

Original Agenda

·         Recent News

o        IBM RSE status

o        CDT Conference Report

o        Interest by Apogee, Inc

o        Interest by Symbian

·         Discussions regarding TM Design

o        Reiterate on Chicago meeting

o        Interfaces for CDT Remote Launch

·         Toronto Meeting Feb.2006

·         Next steps

Meeting Notes

Martin O. opens the call and asks attendees who had not joined the first TM call to introduce themselves (see attendee list above).



Victor Palau: Engineering Manager for Tools at Symbian (non-core-tools: not needed for building the product, but helping). Looking for TM for Symbian Devices. Want to provide a standard communication channel for Symbian (on top of Debugging).

Currently, have a set of Symbian specific solutions:

·         Symbian Agent, + FTP Proxy device on the PC that makes the agent connection transparent (connection is over serial line)

·         Custom FTP commands for installation + execution of programs, and restart the board

·         Currently moving to Eclipse environment (Nokia is the provider of the first toolset) – working in various projects including CDT, in order to make this Symbian aware.


Neil: Technology Architect

Javier Montanu – One of the engineers working on TM


CDT Conference – Doug Gaff:

·         1st day, Mikhail presented the Remote Launch idea

o        Got an action item to resolve what Remote Launch will look like

·         Greg from LANL (Parallel Tools Project) did an impressive presentation of their tools; potential need for TM

o        AI contact Greg; see what they are doing, possibility to collaborate?


Doug Schaefer:

Progress on Remote Launch – HP has something for Remote Launch, but currently not much progress; CDT folks will be comfortable with having some TM packages for remote launch

Some Remote Java stuff could benefit from Target Management as well!


CDT put up a Wiki on eclipse.org, so that’s a good place to read about some details. Currently it’s not a true Wiki because only Committers can add stuff, but they are trying to fix this (e.g. everyone with a Bugzilla account)

·         AI add a TM page at Wiki

·         What are the CDT folks using the Wiki for? – Replacement for Homepage, since it is much easier to add content than adding it to the homepage (facts, howtos etc.) – Discussions are still on the mailing list for now.


Follow-up on Chicago Meeting Action Items:

Website update, and CDT presentation are done. Other action items are still open.

Martin O: Explains the TM Mission statement on the Website

Victor P: Aligned with what Symbian wants to do

The mission statement is accepted as written down on the website.


RSE Status:

Making some progress but sill some obstacles; looking better, but not quite there yet, hopefully make it till the next meeting (3 weeks)


Toronto Meeting:

Feb. 22-24, Toronto accepted by TM group


Next Steps:

Meeting on TCA Nov.14 in Salzburg: Open up Phone conf., at least for a summary



Pierre-Alexandre: What can we do while still waiting for RSE to come out?

MartinO: Send scenarios; work on TM interfaces (our API to the outside should not depend on actual RSE implementation). A very rough start at a TM API is in the Chicago Brainstorming Notes, and the CDT Presentation (there is 1 slide).


Action Items:

·         DavidD: Approach ssh / team people
RSE Docs, Sample, Release

·         MartinO: Launch Actions – Initial Design
TM API – Initial Design
Contact Greg Watson (LANL, PTP)
Add a Wiki starting page for TM
Post phone dial-in info for Salzburg TCA Meeting Nov.14

·         MartinO, Pierre-Alexandre:
TM API – Initial Design

·         George Clark: Approach ARM regarding Register file definitions

·         Everyone: Scenarios for various environments
Bring schema / example for Register Files & Boardfiles


Next Meeting:

3 Weeks: Monday, 28-Nov -2005 at 9am PST (followup 3 wk, 19-Dec-05).