Target Management 3.3 - New and Noteworthy

The emphasis on the Target Management 3.3 release has been on solidifying and hardening existing functionality, so there are not too many new features to mention. Still, here are some of the more noteworthy things you'll find in TM 3.3 (June 22, 2011) which is now available for download. See the TM 3.3 release notes for details on bugs fixed, known issues, noteworthy new API and other changes.

Remote System Explorer (RSE)

New SCP File Subsystem An SCP File Subsystem was added, which supports file browsing and remote editing on hosts connected through SSH, even when no SFTP support is available (like some embedded systems). For details, see bug 213438.
IPv6 support for Telnet and FTP By upgrading to the Commons Net 2.2 library, FTP and Telnet new support IPv6 connections. For details, see bug 335346.
Improved SSH Performance SSH File download performance has been improved by up to 10 times when accessing multiple files in succession - thanks to Martin Tauber for this contribution. For details, see bug 256581.

TM Terminal

Improved ANSI compliance TM Terminal ANSI compliance was improved, and scrolling was stabilized. For details, see bug [339768] and bug [324608].

Target Communication Framework (TCF)

TCF moved to CDT The Target Communication Framework (TCF) was moved to become a project of its own under the CDT umbrella. See the TCF FAQ to follow the project along. For more details, see bug [327950].

Discovery Component

Discovery is Retired The TM Discovery component was retired in this release, due to lack of interest and contributions. Discovery is still available from previous TM releases, and can be brought back to life from Eclipse CVS if needed. For details, see bug [330337].

More details about API changes, new features and bugs fixed can be retrieved from the CVS history of the TM milestone build notes as well as the TM 3.3 Release Review Documentation (PDF, 380K) | (PPT, 540K)".