Download Options

You can choose to download from either nightly builds (bleeding edge) or release update sites.

Eclipse Updatesites

These sites can be used to install the TEA features into a running Eclipse. Currently no site is available (yet).

Nightly Builds (right click & copy)

v1.0.0-rc1 v1.0.0


Installation Instructions

  • Choose Help -> Install New Software... from the menu bar and Add....
  • Insert one of the update site URLs above. This site does not contain any optional third party components. See below for a list of third party download links.
  • Select the TEA features you want to install (at least TEA Core) and complete the wizard by clicking the Next button until you can click Finish.
  • After a quick download and a restart of Eclipse, TEA is ready to use.

Third party dependencies (optional)

TEA provides integration into several external components. These integration libraries require the external components to be present to be able to install them.

Eclipse EASE (for scripting support)

LcDsl (for launching support)