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If you have any questions about SUMO, please post them into one of our mailing lists. You may need to create an Eclipse account first.
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This is the first place you should ask your questions. If you have a novel question, here is some general advice before asking. If you wish to report an error please follow these suggestions. Subscribe to this list for asking questions, reporting issues and getting information about what other people ask.
Frequency: about 100 mails per month
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Subscribe to this list if you want to get information about new releases or documents. Post to the list if you have to announce something by yourself.
Frequency: few mails per year
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This list is for topics related to sumo development. If you want to contribute code or ask a question in regard to extending SUMO, this is the right place.
Frequency: few mails per month
Archive: Eclipse Archive, Mail Archive, SF Archive

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There is also a forum available to access the sumo-user mailing list. Please be aware that every message to the forum also goes to all sumo-user subscribers and vice versa. You need to register for the forum, but you only need a valid email, not an Eclipse account.

Project Leads

picture of Michael Behrisch
Michael Behrisch
SUMO developer at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) since 2007, researcher, strategy refusenik, open source enthusiast and responsible for half of the failing integration tests.


picture of Robert Hilbrich
Robert Hilbrich
SUMO team lead at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Berlin, responsible for business development and strategy, member of Eclipse Board of Directors and Chair of Eclipse openMobility.


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If you have found a bug within one of the applications, please let us know. This is also the way to notify us if you find any typos or errors in our Documentation.

Social media

Occasional development updates are posted on our social media channels. Follow us and stay informed!


There is a public channel available in the Eclipse's Mattermost instance, to facilitate occasional discussions.

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