SUMO User Conference 2020

From Traffic Flow to Mobility Modeling

October 26-28 | Online

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Traffic simulations are of immense importance for researchers as well as practitioners in the field of transportation. SUMO has been available since 2001 and provides a wide range of traffic planning and simulation applications. SUMO consists of a suite of tools covering road network imports and enrichment, demand generation and assignment, and a state-of-the-art microscopic traffic simulator capable of simulating private and public transport modes, as well as person-based trip chains. Being open source, SUMO is easily extensible by new behavioral models and can be dynamically controlled via a well-defined programming interface. These and other features make SUMO one of the most often used open source traffic simulators with a large and international user community.

Sessions and Presentations

  • Tutorial • Video
  • Ask us anything • Chat Q&A
  • Keynote: Emerging mobility trends and the role of transport simulation models - Jordi Casas Video

Eclipse Session

Session 1: Autonomous Vehicles

  • Modeling autonomous dynamic vanpooling services in SUMO by integrating the dynamic routing scheduler - Moeid Qurashi, Hai Jiang and Constantinos Antoniou Video
  • Simulating demand responsive feeder transit services: A case study of Braunschweig - Maria Giuliana Armellini and Laura Bieker-Walz Video

Session 2: AI

  • Computer Simulation Study of Vehicle Type Classification Using Machine Learning Techniques with Mobile Phone Location Data - Chaninart Eosanurak, Nattida Wongtrakoon, Ei Ei Mon and Chaodit Aswakul Video
  • AI-based Disposition using a Reinforcement Learning Approach - Georg Merz Video
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  • Concept and first insights of a sequential MATSim-SUMO tool-coupling to deduce representative 24h-velocity-profiles for autonomous vehicles - Henriette Triebke Video

Session 3: Other traffic modes

  • Pedestrian Simulation Methodology of Evacuation in the Area of Cotopaxi’s Lahar Influence with SUMO - Sebastian Bucheli and Oswaldo Padilla Video
  • Hierarchical delay-based signal coordination for bicycles and motor vehicles traffic - Seyed Abdollah Hosseini, Georgios Grigoropoulos, Andreas Keler, Fritz Busch and Klaus Bogenberger Video
  • A Mathematical Programming Based Approach to Evaluate Ramp Metering Deployment Through Eclipse SUMO - İsmet Gökşad Erdagi, Sercan Akti, Mehmet Ali Silgu and Hilmi Berk Çelikoğlu Video

Session 4: Micro simulation / other

  • ECN-based Mitigation of Congestion in Urban Traffic Networks - Levente Alekszejenkó and Tadeusz P. Dobrowiecki Video
  • Extending the Intelligent Driver Model in SUMO and Verifying the Drive Off Trajectories with Aerial Measurements - Dominik Salles, Stefan Kaufmann and Hans-Christian Reuss
  • A Slipstreaming Model for Cooperative Driving Simulations in SUMO - Andrea Stedile and Michele Segata

Session 5: Real-world Scenarios

  • SAGA: An Activity-based Multi-modal Mobility Scenario Generator for SUMO - Lara Codeca, Jakob Erdmann, Vinny Cahill and Jérôme Härri Video
  • InTAS - The Ingolstadt Traffic Scenario for SUMO - Silas Lobo, Stefan Neumeier, Evelio Fernandez and Christian Facchi Video
  • An application of SUMO in a Drive on the Left country: Challenges and opportunities - Rubel Das and Masaaki Sakuraba
  • Estimation of Green House Gas and Contaminant Emissions from Traffic by microsimulation and refined Origin-Destination matrices: a methodological approach - Jorge E. Luzuriaga, Juan A. Moreno, Edgar Lorenzo Sáez, Santiago Mira Prats, Javier Fermín Urchueguía, Lenin Guillermo Lemus Zúñiga, José Vicente Oliver Villanueva and Miguel A. Mateo Pla Video

Session 6: Real-world data

  • Calibration of car-following models by using drone videos of a real-world intersection - András Zsámboki, Jiao Li and Zoltán Baksa Video
  • Generating and calibrating large-scale, mesoscopic SUMO network - Sasan Amini, Lukas Ambühl, Gabriel Tilg, Klaus Bogenberger and Monica Menendez Video
  • Action-points in human driving and in SUMO - Peter Wagner, Jakob Erdmann and Ronald Nippold Video

Poster Session 1: Tools

  • QarSUMO: An Open-source Parallel Framework for Large Scale Traffic Simulation - Ke Yang, Hao Chen, Phillip Taylor, Anuhya Vellore, Giovanna Vantini, Stefano Giovanni Rizzo, Xiaosong Ma and Sanjay Chawla Video
  • PaSyMo: Developing and Testing a Participatory Modeling Toolbox for Urban Systems - Leonard Higi, Tobias Schröder, Antje Michel and Anne Tauch Video
  • Hugely Variant Autonomous Driving Training Data Generation Using SUMO and rFpro - Matt Daley Video
  • Introducing SumoNetVis: A Tool for Visualizing SUMO Networks and Trajectory Data - Patrick Malcolm, Georgios Grigoropoulos, Andreas Keler, Heather Kaths and Klaus Bogenberger
  • Using results of the simulation experiment SUMO models by portable applications - Alexander Manyashin Video

Poster Session 2: Modelling connected and intelligent traffic

  • Improving network performance with V2X services of dispatching takeover requests and safe-spot assignments in an urban transition corridor - Robert Alms and Yun-Pang Flötteröd Video
  • Simulation of automated and connecting driving traffic in the test field Hamburg - Benedikt Scheier Video

Poster Session 3: Simulation Scenarios

  • An emergency vehicle prioritization strategy with simulation results of Brunswick - Laura Bieker-Walz, Sten Ruppe, Ronald Nippold and Daniel Wesemeyer Video
  • I4Port - Melanie Weber and Johannes Rummel Video
  • SUMOPy - a simulation suite to create traffic scenarios with SUMO - Joerg Schweizer Video

Poster Session 4: Routing

  • An Analysis of Traffic Simulations Based on Modifiable OpenStreetMap Data - Jakob Smretschnig Video
  • Building an on-demand routing platform with tight SUMO integration using an event driven architecture - Adrian Plani, Timothy Hudson, Chen Cai and Hanna Grzybowska Video
  • GeoAware: An R-based Framework for Controlling SUMO and Generating Synthetic Vehicle Datasets - Jameson Morgan and Derek Doran Video
  • Verification of Right-turn Behavior in SUMO at a Signalized Intersection - Ken Shirahata, Masaki Ito, Azusa Toriumi and Takashi Oguchi Video

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