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SVN Revision Graph

'SVN Revision Graph' is a graphical representation of history for any resource. Using Revision Graph we can see a resource history with copy operation, applied for this resource. Represented information includes information about branches and tags for resource, so it allows to see a revision history for a resource and all its branches and tags. It's a main advantage of the Revision Graph over a History View, because History View is able to display only a history for resource, but not its copies. As the result Revision Graph is very useful in case if branches and tags are used, so users can see the whole picture of resource changes together with all branches and tags, where it was used on the one screen.

Revision Graph features:
  • Displaying of the revision graph for resource
  • Show merge information for revision node
  • Switching between compact and full data representation (In compact view revision with no copy operations are filtered out. Full data representation displays all revisions)
  • Supported actions for displayed revisions: compare revisions, show content, export content, display history and other operations, available for History View (the same list of actions is available in the revision Graph)
  • Graph zooming and thubnailing in Outline view
  • Expanding/collapsing revisions

Revision Graph options:

You can specify whether to show merge info and other options in revision graph options dialog:

SVN Revision Graph Options

This is how 'SVN Revision Graph' looks like:

SVN Revision Graph

Merge information:

If you selected to show merge information and there were merges then merge information is presented on graph. Each revision node may have incoming and(or) outgoing merges which are shown on revision node by corresponding blue arrows directed to left or right. For each type of merges there's number near the arrow which means number of merges, for incoming merges there are also shown revision numbers (in brackets) affected by merges. By default, merge connections between nodes are not shown, as there can be lots of merge connections which can significantly complicate graph presentation and understanding. If you want to see merge connections for revision node you can either click on blue merge arrow on revision node or call corresponding action from node's context menu such as 'Show Outgoing Merges' or 'Show Incoming Merges'. In order to differ merge connections from general connections merge connections are shown in blue. If you want to hide merge connections for revision node you can either call corresponding context menu actions ('Hide Outgoing Merges' or 'Hide Incoming Merges') or call 'Clear Merge Connections' action from toolbar which hides all merge connections on graph. This is how merge information is presented:

SVN Revision Graph with Merges

Merge information is also shown on tooltip for revision node where you can see all merge paths and revisions:

Merge info for revision node

Known issues:

  • There can be cases where merge info is shown for revision node but indeed merge happened not on that path but on one of its children.
  • Incoming and outgoing merges on revision nodes may not exactly match to each other if there were renames or moves.


SVN Revision Graph

Refresh - contacts SVN repository and updates revision graph.

Clear Merge Connections - removes all merge connections if any from graph.

Show Only Revisions with Copies - filter out revisions which have modifications but don't have copies.

Zoom - allows to change zooming.

Pop-up menu

Open/Open With - opens the resource of current selected revision.

Compare with Each Other - compares to selected revisions of the resource.

Compare Current with HEAD - compares selected resource to HEAD.

Compare with Previous Revision - compares selected resource to previous revision.

Show History - shows SVN History View for a selected resource.

Show Properties - shows SVN Properties View for a selected resource.

Compare Properties - compare properties to selected revisions of the resource.

Show Annotation... - shows SVN Annotations View for a selected resource.

Export... - exports a selected resource to a local folder.

Create Patch... - creates a patch from a selected resource in compare with another URL or revision.

Extract... - extract a selected resource to a local folder.

Branch from - creates a branch from a selected revision.

Tag from - creates a tag from a selected revision.

Add Revision Link... - creates a revision link and adds it to a revisions folder.

Show Outgoing Merges - shows outgoing merges for revision node.

Show Incoming Merges - shows incoming merges for revision node.

Hide Outgoing Merges - hides outgoing merges for revision node.

Hide Incoming Merges - hides incoming merges for revision node.

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