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These preferences can be changed on 'Team>SVN>Console' properties page.


It is recommended to limit the console buffer size to improve performance. Also it might not be useful to get all SVN® messages, so the user can customize the console to get only warnings and errors.

Option Description Default
Show SVN output in the 'Console View' Specifies either show or not Subversion® output in the 'Console View' Enadled
Show Console Automatically If 'Never' chosen 'Console View' is never shown automatically. On other cases user can specify when to show it: 'On output', 'On error', 'On warning or error'. Never
Fixed width console Specifies if the console has fixed width. Disabled
Line width Specifies line width for console in characters if the fixed width property is set to 'Enabled' 80
Limit console output Specifies either console output should be limited or not. Enabled
Console buffer size Specifies buffer size for console in characters if the limited console output property is set to 'Enabled' 500000
Command line Specifies a command line color in SVN console. grey
Message Specifies a message color in SVN console. grey
Warning Specifies a warning message color in SVN console. grey
Error Specifies an error message color in SVN console. grey

This is how 'Console' properties page looks like:

Console properties page
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