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StatET 4.5 – New and Noteworthy

For other information about the release see the release page for StatET 4.5.0.


Projects Some changes in StatET 4.5 require a clean rebuild of projects with R or TeX documents when updating from previous versions.

Simply run Project > Clean... for all projects after the installation.

Dark Theme The support for the Eclipse Dark Theme is improved. All components and syntax hightlightings provide matching colors now.

Source Editors

Problem Indicator The icon of the elements in the outline view of the source editors indicates if a problem is detected in the sources of the element.

R Console

Pager A new R Pager view can be used as 'pager' for and other functions in R.

The new pager is enabled by default, but can be disabled in the launch configuration of the R Console.

Document Projects and Editors (Sweave/RMarkdown)

YAML 1.2 The YAML parser is updated to Specification 1.2 and also provides improved error reporting.

Furthermore the editor outline also shows the data structure of embedded YAML code.

Task Tags Task tags allow to issue tasks listed in the Task view by configurable keywords in source code comments. This is now also available in LaTeX and Sweave documents, including in R chunks.

RJ / RServi Development Library

Changes For new and noteworthy items of the RJ/RServi development library see its CHANGES file.

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