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StatET 4.4 – New and Noteworthy

For other information about the release see the release page for StatET 4.4.0.

R Editor

Forward Pipe Operator A forward pipe operator was added to the R language 4.1 and is supported by the R parsers and tools in StatET now. Above all it appears in the code syntax highlighting and validation in the R editor and console:

A new editor template for the pipe operator allows to insert it by a keyboard shortcut, the default binding is Ctrl+5.

Shorthand Notation for Function Definitions The R language 4.1 also provides a new shorthand notation for function definition using a backslash. The R parsers and tools in StatET support the new syntax too:

Quick Assist – Convert to Forward Pipe A new quick assist quickly converts a classic function call to the new forward pipe operator.

Key Bindings for Quick Assists The new commands for the quick assists Rename in File and Convert to Forward Pipe (see above) allows direct access to these actions by customizable keyboard shortcuts too.

Support for Replacement Function The support for replacement functions has been improved, so that all occurrences are correctly linked together now. Also the quick assists to rename the occurrences in the file or code chunk take into account the special naming rules:

R Project

R Language Version If an R project should be compatible with older versions of R, it is possible configure the R language version in the project settings, so that the new language features introduced in 4.1 are disabled and marked as error.

R Console

Find Next / Find Previous The R Console in StatET 4.4 supports the commands Find Next and Find Previous.

Select the text to find and press Ctrl+K or Ctrl+Shift+K respectively to jump to the next occurrence.

R Data Viewer

Dimension The status bar of the R Data Viewer shows the dimension of the unfiltered data in addition to the dimension of the filtered data.

RJ / RServi Development Library

Changes For new and noteworthy items of the RJ/RServi development library see its CHANGES file.

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