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SOA Platform Project

The mission of the SOA Platform Project is to deliver a packaged Open-Source SOA Platform solution, including a comprehensive SOA runtime environment based on both established and emerging open standards and a suite of complementary tools and tool frameworks, designed to address the needs of architects, developers and deployers of SOA solutions. It is the aim of the project to be the home of all SOA-related projects within Eclipse.

The SOA Platform Project charter is posted here and inherits from the Eclipse Standard Top-Level Charter v1.1.

Sub Projects


The eBAM (extended Business Activity Monitoring) project aims to realize an advanced platform for the monitoring of heterogeneous services and applications (infrastructures, processes, components) and the historical analysis of data. eBAM allows users to set the governance rules of their own monitoring system, by defining the events and services thresholds included in the BAM systems, so that users can view the most relevant events on their own systems at runtime.


The goal of the Swordfish project is to provide an extensible SOA framework based on the proven Eclipse Equinox runtime technology. The framework is designed to be complemented by additional open source components such as a service registry, a messaging system, a process engine etc. to form a comprehensive open source SOA runtime environment.

SCA Tools

The SCA project provides a graphical editor and a set of tools to model SCA applications.

Java Workflow Tooling

The Java Workflow Tooling project (JWT) aims to build design time, development time and runtime workflow tools and to foster an ecosystem of interoperable Business Process Management (BPM) platforms.


The eBPM (eclipse Business Process Management) project aims to realize a complete BPM solution for OSGi. The eBPM project provides UI and runtime support, to allow to deploy and manage the OSGi services in a declarative way as well as to leverage the capabilities of the OSGi declarative services.


Mangrove is a framework for integrating design and runtime artifacts that are being created or used in different Eclipse editors and runtimes related to SOA.

Current Status

All of the projects planning to join the SOA Platform project successfully passed their move or creation review. We are still in the process of provisioning, creating web sites, and getting all the links right.

We have one laggard. The SOA Policy Tools project proposal also nominated the SOA project as its future top level project.

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