Customizable wiring of unresolved dependencies. Use this to share components across injectors, apply configuration, and form on-demand collections.

The WireModule should enclose all modules in your application:

 Guice.createInjector( new WireModule( bootModule, configModule, mainModule ) );
Use the ChildWireModule when you want to wire child injectors:

 injector.createChildInjector( new ChildWireModule( serviceModule, subModule ) );

The default wiring strategy is to use LocatorWiring which can supply the following bindings via the BeanLocator:


 @Inject MyType bean
 @Inject @Named("hint") MyType namedBean
 @Inject @MyQualifier MyType qualifiedBean
 @Inject Provider<MyType> beanProvider


 @Inject @Named("${}") File file                      // supports basic type conversion
 @Inject @Named("${}") URL url   // can give default in case property is not set
 @Inject @Named("${}") MyType bean       // can be used to pick specific @Named beans
 @Inject @Named("") int port                          // shorthand syntax

You can bind your configuration at runtime as follows:

 bind( ParameterKeys.PROPERTIES ).toInstance( myConfiguration );      // multiple bindings are merged into one view


The following collections are both dynamic and thread-safe, elements may come and go as injectors are added or removed from the BeanLocator.

They are also lazy, meaning instances are created as you access elements of the collection; the elements are then re-used for the same collection.

 @Inject List<MyType> list
 @Inject List<Provider<MyType>> providers
 @Inject Iterable<BeanEntry<MyQualifier, MyType>> entries             // gives access to additional metadata
 @Inject Map<String, MyType> stringMap                                // strings are taken from @Named values
 @Inject Map<Named, MyType> namedMap
 @Inject Map<MyQualifier, MyType> qualifiedMap
 @Inject Map<String, Provider<MyType>> providerMap


ParameterKeys Useful Keys for binding Parameters
WireModule.Strategy Wiring strategy. 
Wiring Something that can supply bindings for unresolved dependency Keys. 


AbstractTypeConverter<T> Abstract TypeConverter Module that automatically registers the converter based on the type argument. 
ChildWireModule Child WireModule that avoids wiring dependencies that already exist in a parent Injector. 
EntryListAdapter<V> List backed by an Iterable sequence of map entries. 
EntryMapAdapter<K, V> Map backed by an Iterable sequence of map entries. 
EntrySetAdapter<V> Set backed by an Iterable sequence of map entries. 
LocatorWiring Adds BeanLocator-backed bindings for unresolved bean dependencies. 
MergedModule Guice Module that discards any duplicate or broken bindings. 
WireModule Guice Module that automatically adds BeanLocator-backed bindings for unresolved dependencies.