Utilities to test, launch, and extend Sisu applications.

For example test classes that scan, bind, and auto-wire the test classpath:

 public class MyJUnit4orTestNGTest extends InjectedTest {
   // ...tests...
 public class MyJUnit3TestCase extends InjectedTestCase {
   // ...tests...
A Main class that launches Sisu applications from the command-line:

 java -classpath myapp.jar:javax.inject.jar:aopalliance.jar:guice-3.0.jar:org.eclipse.sisu.inject.jar org.eclipse.sisu.launch.Main
An OSGi extender that assembles Sisu applications from OSGi bundles containing JSR330 components.

And a helper class that discovers Sisu extensions registered under META-INF/services.


BundlePlan Something that can prepare BindingPublishers for component bundles. 


BundleModule Guice module that uses classpath-scanning and auto-wiring to bind JSR330 components from OSGi bundles. 
InjectedTest Abstract TestNG/JUnit4 test that automatically binds and injects itself. 
InjectedTestCase Abstract JUnit3 TestCase that automatically binds and injects itself. 
Main Bootstrap class that creates a static Injector by scanning the current class-path for beans. 
SisuBundlePlan BundlePlan that prepares BindingPublishers for JSR330 bundles. 
SisuExtender OSGi extender that uses Sisu and Guice to wire up applications from one or more component bundles. 
SisuExtensions SPI mechanism for discovering Module and Strategy extensions. 
SisuTracker OSGi BundleTracker that tracks component bundles and uses BundlePlans to publish them.