Dynamic bean lookup across multiple injectors.

The BeanLocator lets you lookup and keep watch for bean implementations; it does this by processing binding information from one or more BindingPublishers, such as injectors.

You can add or remove BindingPublishers using the MutableBeanLocator view; any existing watchers or returned collections are updated to reflect the latest binding information.

DefaultBeanLocator will automatically add any injectors it's bound in by virtue of an injected setter. This makes it easy to share across multiple injectors with a simple instance binding:

 Module locatorModule = new AbstractModule() {
   private final DefaultBeanLocator locator = new DefaultBeanLocator();
   @Override protected void configure() {
     bind( DefaultBeanLocator.class ).toInstance( locator );
 Injector injectorA = Guice.createInjector( new WireModule( locatorModule, spaceModuleA ) );   // adds injectorA to locator
 Injector injectorB = Guice.createInjector( new WireModule( locatorModule, spaceModuleB ) );   // adds injectorB to locator
If you want to use a DefaultBeanLocator in a given injector, but don't want that injector added automatically, wrap the locator inside a provider to hide the injected setter from Guice:

 bind( DefaultBeanLocator.class ).toProvider( Providers.of( locator ) );
By default all bindings in an injector are separated into two partitions (default vs non-default) and ranked according to their sequence number. This is so bindings from multiple injectors can be interleaved to keep default components prioritized before non-default, while still maintaining an overall ordering between injectors. To override the default bind your own RankingFunction:

 bind( RankingFunction.class ).to( MyRankingFunction.class );


AnnotatedSource Binding source locations can implement this interface to supply annotations to the BeanLocator
BeanLocator Finds and tracks bean implementations annotated with Qualifier annotations. 
BindingPublisher Publisher of Bindings to interested BindingSubscribers. 
BindingSubscriber<T> Subscriber of Bindings from one or more BindingPublishers. 
DeferredClass<T> Placeholder Class; postpones classloading until absolutely necessary. 
DeferredProvider<T> Provider backed by a DeferredClass
MutableBeanLocator Mutable BeanLocator that finds and tracks bindings across zero or more BindingPublishers. 
RankingFunction Assigns each Binding a rank according to some function; higher ranks take precedence over lower ranks. 


DefaultBeanLocator Default MutableBeanLocator that locates qualified beans across a dynamic group of BindingPublishers. 
DefaultRankingFunction Simple RankingFunction that partitions qualified bindings into two main groups. 
Guice4 Utility methods for dealing with changes in the Guice 4.0 SPI. 
InjectorBindings Publisher of Bindings from a single Injector; ranked according to a given RankingFunction
Legacy<S> This class is deprecated. Limited support for migrating legacy types.  
Logs Utility methods for dealing with container logging and recovery. 
Soft Utility methods for dealing with SoftReference collections. 
Sources Utility methods for dealing with annotated sources. 
TypeArguments Utility methods for dealing with generic type arguments. 
Weak Utility methods for dealing with WeakReference collections.