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Who's running this project?

The RT Project is managed by a small group known as the RT Project Management Committee (PMC). We strive to have each RT sub-project represented on the PMC. Listed here are the current PMC members:

Project Management Committee Members

  • Christian Campo, Riena, RT PMC co-lead, Riena lead
    Christian is leading the development of the Riena project at Eclipse. Christian is also member of the Eclipse Architecture Council.
  • Thomas Watson, IBM, RT PMC co-lead, Equinox lead
    Tom is a member of the Eclipse RT PMC and leads the Equinox Project at Eclipse. Tom's focus is on modularity and the OSGi Framework design and development. Tom is the lead developer for the Equinox OSGi Framework implementation. Tom is also a leader in the specification development process at the OSGi Alliance. In particular, Tom participates in the Core Platform Export Group at the OSGi Alliance and is currently working on the next OSGi specification.
  • Doug Clarke, EclipseLink
  • Mike Keith, Gemini
  • Markus Kuppe, ECF
  • Jesse McConnell, Jetty
  • Glyn Norminton, Virgo
  • Mark Rogalski, eRCP
  • Sebastian Voigt, SmiLa
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