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RAP 3.22 M3 - New and Noteworthy

Here's a list of the most noteworthy things in the RAP 3.22 M3 milestone build which is available for download since August 26, 2022.

Support for MImperativeExpression in RAP e4

With the synchronisation of the code in MenuManagerRenderer.updateVisibility and in ContributionsAnalyzer.isVisible with the upstream code from the Eclipse Platform MImperativeExpression are now supported in RAP e4.

Upgrade Apache commons-fileupload to version 1.4.0, commons-io to version 2.11.0

There were some security reports for earlier version of Apache commons-fileupload. Although RAP did not use any of the methods in question, and was therefore not directly affected by any of the reported vulnerabilities, it was time to upgrade these external libraries to their latest stable version.

Please note that the new versions are taken from Maven Central and therefore follow a slightly different naming scheme with a different bundle symbolic name:

  • org.apache.commons.fileupload renamed to org.apache.commons.commons-fileupload
  • renamed to org.apache.commons.commons-io

Issues fixed