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RAP 3.0 M4 - New and Noteworthy

Here's a list of the most noteworthy things in the RAP 3.0 M4 milestone build which is available for download since December 19, 2014.

Enhanced Scale theming

The Scale widget theming has been enhanced with the following CSS properties and states:

  • background-image property for Scale and Scale-Thumb
  • HORIZONTAL/VERTICAL selectors for Scale and Scale-Thumb
  • hover state for Scale-Thumb


It's now possible to create disabled and grayed images at runtime, using the SWT constants IMAGE_DISABLE and IMAGE_GRAY.

Image disabled = new Image( display, srcImage, SWT.IMAGE_DISABLE );
Image grayed = new Image( display, srcImage, SWT.IMAGE_GRAY );

Test API

When you test your UI components, you have to simulate the environment that RAP UI code normally runs in (including the UI thread, a UISession, ApplicationContext etc.) To do so, we provide the bundle org.eclipse.rap.rwt.testfixture. However, we always claimed that the classes therein were not part the public RAP API.

From now on, we provide public API for unit tests in the form of a JUnit Rule. Instead of calling Fixture.setUp() and Fixture.tearDown(), you now only need to include the following line in your test cases. This will simulate a new test context for every test method. There's also no need to fake the PROCESS_ACTION phase anymore.

public TestContext context = new TestContext();

The class Fixture and all its companions have been moved to the internal package org.eclipse.rap.rwt.testfixture.internal.


This list shows all bugs that have been fixed for this milestone build.

Previous Builds

The above features are just the ones that are new since the last milestone build. Summaries for earlier builds: