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RAP 1.4 M6 - New and Noteworthy

Here's a list of the most noteworthy things that will be available in the milestone build 1.4 M6 (March 18, 2011). which is now available for download.

This list shows all bugs that were fixed during this milestone.

    New API added

    This will make it easier to reuse existing code or to utilize new features. Here is a list of API methods added in this milestone:
    • Display#getAppMenuBar()
    • Display#getSystemTaskBar()
    • Display#getSystemMenu()
    • Display#getTouchEnabled()
    • Control#getOrientation() and Control#setOrientation( int )
    • Control#getTouchEnabled() and Control#setTouchEnabled( boolean )
    • Control#addTouchListener( TouchListener ) and Control#removeTouchListener( TouchListener )
    • Control#addGestureListener( GestureListener ) and Control#removeGestureListener( GestureListener )
    • Menu#getOrientation() and
      Menu#setOrientation( int )
    • Menu#getDefaultItem() and
      Menu#setDefaultItem( MenuItem )
    • Shell#getToolBar()
    • MenuItem#getId() and MenuItem#setId( int )
    • SWT.NO_RADIO_GROUP style for Composites and Menus
    • Control#getAccessible() and related API
    Accessibility: In this milestone an emulated implementation of the SWT Accessibility API has been added. Same as on some SWT platforms, it's an empty implementation that does not provide any functionality. It may be replaced with a real implementation in the future.

    FileUpload widget

    The widget org.eclipse.rwt.widgets.FileUpload has been introduced. This is a very basic, button-like component that lets users select a file from their local file system. This file can then be programmatically uploaded to a given URL.

    To accept and store those files on the server, a server-side component is also needed. This part is not included in the FileUpload widget itself. A default implementation is currently being developed in the RAP Incubator and will be made available soon. An implementation of the SWT FileDialog, based on the new FileUpload widget, is also under development in the Incubator.

    Client logging simplified

    The client's logging system has been drastically simplified in order to reduce client-size. RWT itself does not use the logging anymore, but a rudimentary implementation is still in place for custom-widget developers. As a result of these changes, the RWT log-levels are no longer supported. When RAP is started in the Debug variant, all log-messages are shown, while the Standard (production) variant will not output any logging messages. Browsers without a JavaScript-console will not display any messages at all (but all modern browser have one).

    Theme Extensions

    TableItem and TreeItem now support text-decoration CSS property. In combination with custom variants, it's now possible to decorate item text in runtime. For example:
      TableItem.notAvailable {
        text-decoration: line-through;

    Target installation

    The RAP Tooling includes a target installer that sets the RAP Runtime as target platform in Eclipse. With this milestone, the tooling can download the latest runtime from our p2 repositories and does no longer include the runtime. This tutorial shows how you can use the RAP target installation tooling.

    RAP Launcher

    Several enhancements to the RAP Launcher have been made:
    • The launcher now supports browsing of servlet names, entry points and applications not only from the workspace but also from the active target platform.
    • The launcher now validates the selected servlet name and the selected entry point or application against the selected bundles. It shows an error if the selection is not contained in any of the selected bundles.
    • Since the client does not support log-levels anymore, a warning is shown if any other level than "off" is selected.

    The above features are just the ones that are new since the last milestone build. Summaries for earlier builds: