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RAP 1.4 M1 - New and Noteworthy

Here's a list of the most noteworthy things in the milestone build 1.4 M1 which is available for download.

This list shows all bugs that were fixed during this milestone.

    New API added

    This will make it easier for the community to reuse existing code or to utilize new features. Here is a list of API methods added in M1:
    • FontData() constructor
    • FontData#setName(), FontData#setHeight(), FontData#setStyle(), FontData#setLocale()
    • TreeItem#getImage()

    New Tree implementation

    We have a new implementation of the SWT Tree widget which is faster, more flexible, and provides many new features:
    • Item and cell colors/fonts
    • Item height does adapt to font / image size now
    • SWT.FULL_SELECTION support
    • Gridlines
    • Themeable indentation symbols (treelines, expand/collapse icons)
    • Improved SWT.VIRTUAL support makes big trees load much faster

    Servlet 3.0 Support

    In order to support new application servers that already ship with Servlet API (javax.servlet.*) 3.0, RAP is now able to leverage the new Servlet specification. Deploying RAP on application servers like Tomcat 7 or Glassfish 3. is now possible.

    IApplication support

    IApplication support has been change to use fully qualified application ids.

    IApplication support

    With this milestone the RAP launcher supports choosing and launching IApplications.