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RAP 1.3 M6 - New and Noteworthy

Here are some of the more noteworthy things that are available in the milestone build M6 (March 19th, 2010) which is now available for download.

This list shows all bugs that were fixed during this milestone.

    New API added

    Here is a list of API added in M6:
    • Shell#setFullScreen( boolean ) and Shell#getFullScreen()
    • Text#setMessage( String ) and Text#getMessage()
    • TabFolder#getItem( Point )
    • TabItem#getBounds()
    • Text#setEchoChar( char ) and Text#getEchoChar()
    • To aid single-sourcing the SWT#SYSTEM_MODAL and SWT#PRIMARY_MODAL styles were introduced. They behave the same as the SWT#APPLICATION_MODAL flag.
    • SWT.MenuDetect event and its typed counterpart
    • SWT.Arm event and its typed counterpart
    • Tree#getItemHeight()
    • TreeItem#getTextBounds( int )
    • CLabel#setMargins( int, int, int, int ) and related methods
    • Device#getFontList( String, boolean )
    • Spinner#setDigits( int )
    • Display#setAppName( String ) / #getAppName() and Display#setAppVersion( String ) / getAppVersion()


    In order to increase code-resuse for text measurement from SWT, we introduced the classes GC and FontMetrics.
    getAverageCharWidth, getHeight from FontMetrics and getCharWidth, stringExtent, textExtent from GC delegate to the respective methods from class Graphics.

    JFace 3.6

    We adopted the JFace 3.6 code base to make new JFace features available and increase code-reuse between RAP and RCP. Some of the more noteworthy changes are listed below:
    • PixelConverter and Dialog#convert... methods to convert between pixels and DLUs and vice versa
    • MessageDialog#CONFIRM and MessageDialog#open()
    • RowLayoutFactory and RowDataFactory
    • Enhancements in TableColumnLayout and TreeColumnLayout
    • ConfigureColumns, a column configuration dialog for trees and tables
    • ArrayContentProvider#getInstance
    • ICheckStateProvider for tree- and table-viewer with checkboxes

    Forms 3.6

    We adopted the Forms 3.6 code base too. New API added:
    • MasterDetailsBlock#createContent( IManagedForm, Composite )

    View contribution item visibility

    We have extended the branding to make all view contribution items visible by default while using one of the new designs. The presentationFactory subelement of the org.eclipse.rap.ui.branding extension point got a new attribute called viewActionsVisible. The value of this attribute is false by default. So, all view contribution items are invisble to provide a cleaner UI. When changing this value to true, all items will be visible and the configuration menu will be disabled.

    Styled RAP Templates

    We have added the new designs and themes to the RAP templates. The old templates made usage of the default theme. We changed this for two of the three existing RAP templates. The following changes were made: The Hello World template still uses the default theme.

    EMF on RAP

    We are proud to announce that EMF now provides RAP support out of the box. To see how it works, please refer to this wiki page.

    Riena on RAP

    We are happy to announce, that initial support to run Riena on RAP has been provided by the Riena team. Please see this blog and the Riena on RAP wiki page for further details.

    EPP Package

    The Eclipse Packaging Project now offers an Eclipse for RCP/RAP Developers package from its download page.
    It is a complete set of tools for developers who want to create Eclipse plug-ins, Rich Client or Rich Ajax Applications (RCP + RAP).

    The above features are just the ones that are new since the last milestone build. Summaries for earlier builds: