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PTP Downloads

Welcome to the downloads page for the Parallel Tools Platform (including Photran).

The latest release of PTP is 9.1.4, released March 21, 2018 which works with Eclipse Oxygen.3 (4.7.3).

Please see the release notes and installation instructions for prerequisite information and instructions on installing PTP Release 9.1.4.

Stand-alone Installation

The easiest way to download and install PTP is to use the Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers package. If you have an earlier version of Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers, you can update to PTP 9.1.4 via Help > Check for Updates. Or to get just the PTP/Photran changes, you can install from

Other PTP builds are also available from the PTP builds page.

File Downloads

Available from the same URL as the update site: PTP 9.1.4 file downloads:

  • Archived update site (ptp-master)
  • Sysmon, Stand-alone System Monitoring for PTP
  • Updated all-in-one Parallel Package builds with the latest release of PTP pre-installed
  • ...and other items

Fortran Development Tools (Photran)

Photran is part of PTP, is included in the Eclipse for Parallel Application Developers package, and can be installed using the PTP update site.

Other useful sites

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