eclipse web tools
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The Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project Development Plan

This project proposal is in the Proposal Phase and is posted here to solicit additional project participation and ways the project can be leveraged from the Eclipse membership-at-large. You are invited to comment on and/or join the project. Please send all feedback to the eclipse.webtools newsgroup or the the wtp-proposal mailing list.

Project Management Principles

While this project is open to any contributor like any other open source projects (see the Contributing to the WTP Project document), the organizations listed below have expressed interest in participating in the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project. This proposal reflects the information provided by those organizations.

We very welcome new participants! Organizations who would like to get officially involved may contact us at wtp-proposal AT

Project Resources

OrganizationIndividualsWSTJSTCoordination, Architecture
& Planning
Expertise Code contribution*
BULLJerome CamilleriNOYESNOJOnAS,JOPEnot planned
EterationNaci Dai
Ozgur Tumer
YESYESYESLombozsee ObjectWeb proposal
ExadelValeriy Pelyushenko
Igor Shabalov
YESYESNOStruts Studionot planned
FrameworxHenrik Lindberg
Thomas Hallgren
Pontus Rydin
Kenneth Olving
Mitch Sonies
not planned
GenuitecTodd WiliamsYESYESYESMyEclipsenot planned
IBMArthur Ryman
Chris Brealey
Craig Salter
Chuck Bridgham
David Williams
Der Ping Chou
Sheila Sholars
Timothy Deboer
InnoopractLeif Frenzel
Frank Appel
Jochen Krause
NOYESYESW4Tnot planned
INRIAChristophe Ney
Mathieu Peltier
Catherine Nuel
LibradosVince EagenNOYESNOJ2EE/JCAnot planned
OpenWideFabrice DewasmesNOYESNOWorkflownot planned
THALES ISDominique De VitoNONOYESObjectWebn/a
Together Teamlosungen?NOYESNOEnhydranot planned
XQuark GroupAntoine MenschYESNONOXQuarknot planned

IndividualsWSTJSTCoordination, Architecture
& Planning
Expertise Code contribution*
Gorkem ErcanYESYESNOLombozLomboz is in ObjectWeb proposal
Jens LukowskiYESNONOX-Mensee Jens Lukowski's proposal
Xinjie ZhangYESNONOSVG Widget Frameworksee Xinjie Zhang's proposal

* This code will be made available to the PMC under CPL license before the project kick-off meeting (see roadmap below). All code contributions will be screened for its usefulness with regard to the project goals and used as an initial code base where and when appropriate. Organizations and individuals who wish to make code contributions may contact wtp-proposal AT

Project Roadmap

An agile development approach will be reflected in roadmap creation and planning, similar to other Eclipse projects. In particular:

  • The project planning process will be iterative and incremental; continual re-planning is expected as the project progresses.
  • Product planning will be limited to one or more one-year periods resulting in completion of a major planned deliverable. Longer-term roadmaps, if provided, will be provided only to indicate long-term vision or ambition operative at that time.
  • One-year deliverables will be broken down into multiple incremental milestones; each of will provide a tangible product deliverable or validation point.
  • Feedback from community members and target end-users will be actively solicited in connection with each milestone delivery.

The roadmap illustrated below is provided for review and discussion in connection with project creation, and is not intended to be fixed or final.


Declaration of interest
The declaration of interest is intended to initiate open discussion of project ambition and scope, and the roadmap/plan for the first twelve months.
Call for participation
The declaration of interest period begins with publication of the project the proposal at This triggers the start of a 30-day period giving the Eclipse membership-at-large an opportunity to comment on the project, as initially proposed, to become early project participants.
Creation review
Tentative date for creation review. The green light will be also given to the roadmap as approved and adopted up to this point.
Validation phase
During the Validation Phase, review of proposed designs, prototypes, code contributions will occur; critical use cases will be identified and project management/administration infrastructure will be created. The Validation Phase will result in initial plans for the overall project and identified sub-projects. Upon acceptance of these plans, the Implementation Phase will begin, with progress begun against the first project milestones.

Milestone 1
This will focus on server tooling and 'project development layout' components.

Each subsequent milestone corresponds to an integration phase, and can be seen as a project status checkpoint. Milestones require resolution of dependencies on other subprojects or sub-systems. Key status reports and documentation relevant to the milestone will be made available to the membership-at-large, enabling transparency in evaluating progress against the roadmap.

Project Plans & Project Status

Project status reports & updated project plans will be made available on a regular basis following project creation.