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Project Plan For AspectJ, version 1.0


AspectJ major versions match up with Java versions. Currently Java is at 9 (1.9) and AspectJ is about to release the 1.9 version. The AspectJ project then releases service refreshes to that major version every few months. The current release model is at least something every 3 months - sometimes a milestone, sometimes a full release.
AspectJ always maintains that HEAD will build clean and pass all the tests we have (currently around 4700). This means the development builds created from HEAD after every commit are always at least as good as the previous build.

Release Deliverables

AspectJ releases are delivered as a single .jar download that installs a compiler and the related tools and documentation when executed. The packaging of an AspectJ release into plugins consumable in an Eclipse environment is done by the AJDT project.

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Release Milestones

AspectJ 1.9.0 release candidate 1
AspectJ 1.8.13 release
AspectJ 1.9.0 release candidate 1
AspectJ 1.9.0 release candidate 1
AspectJ 1.8.12 release

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Target Environments

During AspectJ 1.8 we moved to a baseline requirement of Java8. AspectJ 1.9 will run on Java8 or Java9. If using purely the pointcut matching parts of AspectJ (like Spring AOP does) it is possible to use that part of AspectJ 1.8 running on Java 9, but for proper operation of all AspectJ features, if using Java 9 then users should be using AspectJ 1.9.


We have bundles for many of the messages in the project but they are not translated.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

AspectJ is strong on compatibility and any level of AspectJ is always intended to parse code/aspects built with any earlier version of AspectJ without requiring recompilation.

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Themes and Priorities

These are the larger themes and priorities right now:

Maintenance and JDK chasing

AspectJ is effectly in a maintenance mode right node, this means periodic bug fix releases and updates to consume the latest fixes from JDT. With the increase in velocity of JDK releases, we need to think about the best way to handle that in AspectJ.

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