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Project Plan For Eclipse Dash, version 1.0


The Dash project currently does not produce an Eclipse plug-in and thus does not have a traditional release cycle. Dash currently produces tools for committers that are deployed on various servers. These deployments are done incrementally, often daily, whenever new functionality is needed. We roll these deployments up into monthly milestones for reporting.

The Dash project is divided into two parts: Dash and Dash-prime. Dash is the open source project and Dash-prime is the closed, internal-to-the-Foundation, code base. Even though the Dash-prime code base is closed, the planning, discussions, and bug activities are open. Thus this project plan covers both Dash and Dash-prime.

Release Deliverables

The Dash project delivers server software running on servers (Commits Explorer and Ganymatic). The Dash-prime team is also responsible for an internal Foundation application deployed on servers (Portal).

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Release Milestones


April milestone


May milestone


June milestone


July milestone

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Target Environments

Ganymatic runs on the server and requires Java 5.0 and Ant 1.7.

Commits Explorer runs on the server and requires a current version of Apache, PHP, Perl, and MySQL.

Foundation Portal runs on the server and requires a current version of Apache, PHP, and MySQL.


None of the Dash deliverables are internationalized.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

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Themes and Priorities

The Dash project is not a traditional Eclipse project in that it is in support of the Eclipse committers and member rather than in support of adopters and users. Thus the Dash project has a somewhat different set of Themes and Priorities than those defined by the Requirements Council.

Clean the Graffiti

Cleaning the Graffiti is reducing the backlog of small bugs against the Dash and Dash-prime tools. The goal is to have committers feel happy about the portal (it's doing what they want) and to believe that the portal team is responsive to their requests (it's going in the right direction). We want the Dash tools to be a benefit of Eclipse committership and not a burden.

  • Committed

    • [Clean the Graffiti] "non-epl" keyword misleading [196570] (target milestone: ---)

Manage Committers

Managing Committers is our theme for provide teams and team leaders tools to manage their committer populations: adding new committers, removing inactive committers, managing file permissions, etc.

  • Committed

    • [Manage Committers] "Committer Emeritus" status [222350] (target milestone: ---)

Make The Portal More Of A Home

The portal is very useful as it is. But it could be much more. It is currently mostly a workflow facilitator helping project members walk the development process etc. But given that most of the content is driven by a database or two, there are many more possibilities that would make it more attractive as a landing page for committers.

Improve the Experience

As the portal handles more of the workflow for our committers and members, it could become cluttered and slow. We plan to improve both the user interface and the infrastructure to avoid that.

  • Committed

    • [Improve the Experience] Move to one of the new AMD servers [226714] (target milestone: ---)

Submission System

We're moving the formerly bugzilla-based EclipseCon submission system to a portal-based system. This change will enable the submission system to integrate with more of our databases, thus improving the user experience for speakers and attendees, as well as reducing the server load for generating web pages.


Features and bugs that we plan to address in the next three months that are not yet categorized into a theme.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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