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Project Plan For Libra, version Kepler


The Plug-in Development Environment project and Web Tools Platform project provide plenty of tools for OSGi development and Java EE development, respectively. Libra will provide the missing pieces that will bring the PDE and WTP tooling together for implementing OSGi Enterprise scenarios.

The below project plan is an extension of the Web Tools Platform top-level project plan .

Release Deliverables

  • WAR Products Tooling - originally developed to make the deployment of RAP applications easier, tooling itself is not RAP specific and can be used for deploying any Server-Side Equinox applications.
  • OSGi Bundle Facet - links together the PDE and WTP tooling. It enable the WTP project wizards to create OSGi bundles projects, like Web Application Bundles and Persistence Bundles. It's the very first step towards providing OSGi tooling for enterprise applications.
  • OSGi Framework Launchers - WTP server adapters for major open source OSGi frameworks like Equinox, Felix and Knopflerfish. All these server adapters can publish modules that have the OSGi Bundle facet.
  • OSGi Framework Editors - WTP server editor parts with management capabilities for OSGi frameworks: Bundle Overview, Bundle Dependency Graph, Server Console. These editor parts are embedded in the OSGi Framework Launchers and can be embedded by adaopter's OSGi-based server adapters.

Table of Contents

Themes and Priorities

New Features

Integrate new contributions pending in the pipeline. Improve the ones from the previous release.

Table of Contents

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