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Project Plan For Eclipse Tools for JavaScript, version 3.5 (Kepler)


The JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT) project is a part of the Eclipse WTP top-level Project. It provides a JavaScript IDE for Eclipse and JavaScript language support for WTP's Source Editing project's web components. This document describes the features and the API set in the JSDT project for the WTP 3.5 release.

Release Deliverables

Source code for deliverables tagged in Git as version tagged R3_5_0, viewable in the JSDT Git repositories .

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Target Environments

JSDT will support the platforms certified by the Eclipse Platform project. For a list of platforms supported , see Eclipse Target Operating Environments.


Internationalization and Localization will be supported.

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Themes and Priorities

Themes and their priorities communicate the main objectives of the project and their importance. These will be prioritized based on the community feedback. New themes could be synthesized from the requirements submitted by the community.

The sections to follow defines the plan items in the Source Editing project. The plan items are grouped under the respective themes where applicable. Each plan item corresponds to a new feature, API or some aspects of the project that needs to be improved. A plan item has an entry in the Eclipse Bugzilla system that has a detailed description of the needed improvement. Not all plan items represent the same amount of work; some may be quite large, others, quite small. Although some plan items are for work that is more pressing than others, the plan items appear in no particular order. See the corresponding bugzilla items for up-to-date status information on ongoing work and planned delivery milestones.

For Kepler, JSDT will primarily be focusing on maintenance issues, fixing bugs, and upgrading dependencies.


The following are plan items including those not yet categorized into a theme.

  • Deferred

    • [editor][views] JSDoc rendering of doc tags needs improvement [325379] (target milestone: Future)
    • [language support] Add ecmascript4 /JavaScript 2 compiler compliance level [223131] (target milestone: Future)
    • [misc] jsdt is not fully compatible with JSDoc toolkit [267775] (target milestone: Future)
    • [validation] [syntax] Two validation errors shown in problems view for single syntax error [279009] (target milestone: Future)
    • [misc] Open Attached JSDoc throws NPE [300670] (target milestone: Future)
    • [misc] Open Attached JSDoc is not compatible with JSDoc-toolkit [300677] (target milestone: Future)
    • [validation] [syntax] false warning reported about missing semicolon before the closing } [304933] (target milestone: Future)
    • [language support] Boolean type assumed for || expression [317165] (target milestone: Future)
    • [language support] JSDoc3 Interface Support (@interface & @implements) [317928] (target milestone: Future)
    • [misc] remove all calls to printStackTrace [319851] (target milestone: Future)
    • [validation] Unexpected "Unexpected Tag" warnings in JSDoc [319880] (target milestone: Future)
    • [validation] Confusing 'Missing semicolon' warnings [324673] (target milestone: Future)
    • [language support] Jsdoc support for optional parameters [333276] (target milestone: Future)
    • [misc] JSDoc is not shown for the class properties [333712] (target milestone: Future)
    • [validation] Invalid errors on switch statement case expressions for mismatched types [335630] (target milestone: Future)
    • [validation] Regular Expression Error Handling Improvement Request [336579] (target milestone: Future)
    • [search] multiple jsdoc argument types lead to exception [343052] (target milestone: Future)
    • [content assist] jsdoc-toolkit array notation is not supported [350928] (target milestone: Future)
    • JSDoc on Array [421322] (target milestone: Future)
    • Bower IDE contribution [459732] (target milestone: Future)

Table of Contents

Appendix References

The general WTP plan can be found here .

Table of Contents

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