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Project Plan For Eclipse Open System Engineering Environment, version 1.0


This document delineates the OSEE milestone and release schedule from its current state through graduation from incubation to a mature Eclipse project which will be version 1.0.

Release Deliverables

OSEE will provide both IDE-based client and server update sites. The server includes the ability to serve a web based client.

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Release Milestones

Approximate dates for the later milestones have not yet been determined.
First stable milestone build for graduation review
Initial Release Candidate for Graduation
Graduation Release

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Target Environments

In addition to continuing support for Windows, Solaris, and Linux, effort is being made to fully support versions of OS X that can support Java 6.


Due to community demand, internationalization efforts have already begun, with tentative support for the German locale.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

Beginning with the 0.9 milestone, robust export/import utilities will be provided for migration to newer database schemas.

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Themes and Priorities

The bulk of the OSEE capabilities needed for OSEE 1.0.0 have been developed, but much remains to make OSEE consumable and mature.


OSEE Test Environment

Code Quality

  • Remove deprecated methods
  • Address compiler warnings

Eclipse Project Infrastructure

  • Continuous Integration Server
  • Automatic online-help generation
  • Ensure Orbit is used for all third party libraries
  • Update IP Log


Usability and Documentation

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Appendix Project Refactoring

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