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Project Plan For Eclipse Marketplace Client Project, version 1.1


Marketplace Client provides a rich client for installing solutions listed on Eclipse Marketplace. MPC provides a workflow for finding and installing solutions, layering on top of the Eclipse P2 and providing a streamlined and simplified workflow that does not require users to enter and manage update sites.

Release Deliverables

Release 1.1 will will update the functionality of the existing MPC to improve the usability and make it easier for more people to use MPC.

Table of Contents

Release Milestones

Feature completion, will be available as part of Indigo M6
Response to community feedback
Updates to documentation
Release Candidate
Release Candidate
Release Candidate
First Release (1.1)

Ramp Down

After RC1 is released, builds will be produced weekly until the final 1.1 release. In the RC phase only bugs marked P1 or higher or severity major or higher will be fixed. APIs will not change except to address critical fixes requiring approval of at least two committers.

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Target Environments

The plan is to support the operating systems supported by the EPP packages.


The content from Marketplace is English. No plans for internationalization in this release.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

Release 1.1 will be compatible with Eclipse 3.6, Eclipse 3.7 and Eclipse 4.0.

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Themes and Priorities

This release of MPC is focused on making it easier for more people to use Marketplace Client.

Get More People to Use MPC

The current version of MPC requires the user to know that the Marketplace Client is accessible from the Eclipse Help menu. We want to implement features that make MPC accessible from other sources. Specific items:
  1. End user should be able to drag and drop a URL to a running Eclipse installation to start an MPC install for a particular product. [336156][336154]
  2. End user should be able to share via e-mail or twitter an Eclipse MPC solution.[336160]


Make it easier for users to discover relevant solutions within MPC. Specific items:
  1. MPC should show tags that have been specified for a product listing.[336149]
  2. Different third party catalogs should be listed as icons at the bottom of the wizard and switching should be done via selecting the icon.[336157]
  3. Third party catalogs should be allowed to provide more branding, so the end user can see when they are in a different catalog. [336159]

Eclipse 4

MPC will be tested and supported on Eclipse 4.1 release.


Specific items:
  1. Third party catalogs should be discovered from the Eclipse Marketplace server. [328605]
  2. MPC should be able to use alternative p2 repositories to resolve dependencies. [332973]
  3. Splitting code and configuration of the MPC [313581]

Table of Contents

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