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birt Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)

datatools Data Tools Platform

datatools.connectivity Connectivity

datatools.enablement Enablement

datatools.incubator Incubator

datatools.modelbase Model Base

datatools.sqltools SQL Dev Tools

ecd Eclipse Cloud Development

ecd.cft Eclipse Tools for Cloud Foundry

ecd.che Che

ecd.dirigible Dirigible

ecd.flux Flux

ecd.orion Orion

eclipse Eclipse Project

eclipse.e4 e4 Project

eclipse.jdt JDT - Java development tools

eclipse.jdt.core JDT/Core

eclipse.jdt.debug Java development tools debug

eclipse.jdt.jdtls JDT LS

eclipse.jdt.ui JDT UI

eclipse.pde PDE - Plugin Development Environment

eclipse.platform Eclipse Platform

eclipse.platform.debug Platform Debug

eclipse.platform.releng Eclipse Platform RelEng

eclipse.platform.resources Resources

eclipse.platform.swt SWT

eclipse.platform.ui Eclipse Platform UI

iot IoT

iot.4diac Eclipse 4DIAC

iot.agail Eclipse Agail

iot.californium Californium (Cf) CoAP Framework

iot.concierge Concierge

iot.eclipsescada Eclipse SCADA

iot.edje Edje

iot.hawkbit hawkBit

iot.hono Hono

iot.ignite Ignite

iot.iofog Eclipse ioFog

iot.kapua Eclipse Kapua

iot.krikkit Krikkit

iot.kura Kura

iot.leshan Leshan

iot.milo Milo

iot.mosquitto Mosquitto

iot.om2m OM2M

iot.paho Paho

iot.paho.incubator Paho Incubator

iot.ponte Ponte

iot.risev2g RISE V2G

iot.smarthome Eclipse SmartHome

iot.tiaki Tiaki

iot.tinydtls tinydtls

iot.unide Unide

iot.vorto Vorto

iot.wakaama Wakaama

iot.whiskers Eclipse Whiskers

locationtech LocationTech Root Technology GeoBench Geoff (Geo Fast Forward) GeoGig GeoJinni GeoMesa LocationTech GeoPeril GeoScript GeoTrellis JTS Topology Suite libspatialindex Mobile Map Technology Proj4j Raster Processing Engine SFCurve Spatial4j uDig

modeling Eclipse Modeling Project

modeling.acceleo Acceleo

modeling.amalgam Amalgamation

modeling.amp Agent Modeling Platform

modeling.capra Capra

modeling.eatop EATOP

modeling.ecoretools Ecore Tools

modeling.ecp EMF Client Platform

modeling.edapt Edapt

modeling.eef Extended Editing Framework (EEF)

modeling.efm Eclipse Formal Modeling

modeling.elk Eclipse Layout Kernel

modeling.emf Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)

modeling.emf.cdo CDO Model Repository

modeling.emf.diffmerge EMF Diff/Merge

modeling.emf.egf Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF)

modeling.emf.emf EMF

modeling.emf.mwe Modeling Workflow Engine

modeling.emf.query EMF Query

modeling.emf.teneo EMF Teneo Model Relational Mapping

modeling.emf.transaction EMF Transaction

modeling.emf.validation EMF Validation

modeling.emf-parsley EMF Parsley

modeling.emfcompare EMF Compare

modeling.emfstore EMFStore

modeling.emft Eclipse Model Framework Technology (EMFT)

modeling.emft.b3 b3

modeling.emft.emf-facet EMF Facet

modeling.emft.emfatic emfatic

modeling.emft.featuremodel EMF Feature Model

modeling.emft.henshin Henshin

modeling.emft.refactor EMF Refactor

modeling.emft.texo EMFT Texo

modeling.emft.wazaabi Wazaabi

modeling.epsilon epsilon

modeling.fmc Fundamental Modeling Concepts

modeling.franca Franca

modeling.gendoc Gendoc

modeling.gmf-notation GMF Notation

modeling.gmf-runtime GMF Runtime

modeling.gmp Graphical Modeling Project

modeling.gmp.gmf-tooling Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) Tooling

modeling.gmt Generative Modeling Technologies (GMT)

modeling.graphiti Graphiti

modeling.m2t Model To Text (M2T)

modeling.m2t.jet Java Emitter Templates (JET2)

modeling.m2t.xpand Xpand

modeling.mdht Model Driven Health Tools

modeling.mdt Model Development Tools (MDT)

modeling.mdt.bpmn2 Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN2)

modeling.mdt.etrice eTrice

modeling.mdt.modisco MoDisco

modeling.mdt.ocl OCL (Object Constraint Language)

modeling.mdt.papyrus Papyrus

modeling.mdt.rmf Requirements Modeling Framework

modeling.mdt.uml2 MDT UML2

modeling.mdt.xsd MDT XSD (XML Schema Definition)

modeling.mmt Model-to-Model Transformation (MMT)

modeling.mmt.atl ATL

modeling.mmt.qvt-oml QVT Operational

modeling.mmt.qvtd QVTd (QVT Declarative)

modeling.papyrus-rt Papyrus for Real Time

modeling.papyrus-xtuml Eclipse Papyrus for xtUML

modeling.pmf Eclipse Presentation Modeling Framework

modeling.sirius Sirius

modeling.sphinx Sphinx

modeling.tmf Textual Modeling Framework

modeling.tmf.xtext Xtext

modeling.umlgen Eclipse UML Generators

modeling.upr Eclipse UML Profiles Repository

modeling.viatra Viatra

mylyn Mylyn

mylyn.builds Mylyn Builds

mylyn.commons Mylyn Commons

mylyn.context Mylyn Context

mylyn.context.mft Model Focusing Tools Mylyn Docs Intent Visual Editor for XML

mylyn.incubator Mylyn Incubator Mylyn Reviews Review for Eclipse (R4E)

mylyn.tasks Mylyn Tasks

mylyn.versions Mylyn Versions

polarsys PolarSys Root

polarsys.polarsys PolarSys

polarsys.polarsys.3p 3P (PolarSys Packaging)

polarsys.polarsys.arcon ArCon

polarsys.polarsys.b612 B612

polarsys.polarsys.capella Capella

polarsys.polarsys.chess CHESS

polarsys.polarsys.cotsaq COTSAQ

polarsys.polarsys.eplmp Eclipse Product Lifecycle Management Platform

polarsys.polarsys.esf Eclipse Safety Framework

polarsys.polarsys.kitalpha Kitalpha

polarsys.polarsys.opencert OpenCert

polarsys.polarsys.pop POP

polarsys.polarsys.reqcycle ReqCycle

polarsys.polarsys.rover PolarSys Rover

rt RT

rt.apricot Apricot

rt.ebr Eclipse Bundle Recipes

rt.ecf Eclipse Communication Framework

rt.eclipselink EclipseLink Project

rt.equinox Equinox

rt.equinox.incubator Equinox Incubator

rt.gemini Gemini - Enterprise Modules Project

rt.gemini.blueprint Gemini Blueprint

rt.gemini.dbaccess Gemini DBAccess

rt.gemini.jpa Gemini JPA Gemini Management

rt.gemini.naming Gemini Naming

rt.gemini.web Gemini Web

rt.gyrex Eclipse Gyrex Project

rt.jetty Jetty - Servlet Engine and Http Server

rt.rap Remote Application Platform

rt.rap.incubator Remote Application Platform Incubator

rt.riena Riena Project

rt.smila SMILA

rt.vertx Vert.x

rt.virgo Virgo

rt.yasson Eclipse Yasson

science Eclipse Science

soa SOA Platform Project

soa.bpel BPEL Designer

soa.bpmn2-modeler BPMN2 Modeler Project

soa.ebam eBAM

soa.ebpm eBPM

soa.jwt Java Workflow Tooling

soa.mangrove Mangrove - SOA Modeling Framework SCA Tools

soa.stardust Stardust

soa.winery Winery

technology Technology Project

technology.actf Accessibility Tools Framework

technology.aether Aether

technology.app4mc APP4MC

technology.babel Babel

technology.camf Cloud Application Management Framework

technology.cbi Common Build Infrastructure

technology.chemclipse ChemClipse

technology.collections Eclipse Collections

technology.dash Dash, Tools for Committers and members

technology.dash.dashboard Commits Dashboard

technology.dawnsci DAWNSci

technology.dltk Dynamic Languages Toolkit

technology.ease Eclipse Advanced Scripting Environment (EASE)

technology.eavp Eclipse Advanced Visualization

technology.eclemma Eclipse EclEmma

technology.efxclipse e(fx)clipse

technology.egerrit eGerrit

technology.egit Eclipse Git Team Provider

technology.epf Eclipse Process Framework Project

technology.gef3d Graphical Editing Framework 3D

technology.golo Golo

technology.handly Handly

technology.higgins Higgins

technology.hudson Hudson Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment

technology.january Eclipse January

technology.jgit Java implementation of Git

technology.jubula Jubula Functional Testing Tool

technology.lsp4e Eclipse LSP4E

technology.lsp4j Eclipse LSP4J

technology.lyo Lyo

technology.m2e Maven Integration

technology.m2e.m2e-wtp Maven Integration for Web Tools Platform

technology.mbeddr Mbeddr

technology.mdmbl MDM|BL

technology.mdmweb MDM WEB

technology.nebula Supplemental Widgets for SWT (Nebula)

technology.nebula.incubator Nebula Incubator

technology.nebula.nattable Nebula NatTable

technology.ogee Ogee

technology.omr OMR

technology.openk-platform openK platform

technology.osbp Eclipse Open Standard Business Platform

technology.osee Open System Engineering Environment

technology.package-drone Package Drone

technology.packaging Eclipse Packaging Project

technology.packaging.mpc Marketplace Client

technology.packaging.rtp Eclipse Runtime Packaging Project

technology.rcptt RCP Testing Tool

technology.rdf4j RDF4J

technology.recommenders Code Recommenders

technology.recommenders.incubator Code Recommenders Incubator

technology.remus Remus

technology.richbeans Eclipse Rich Beans

technology.rtsc Real-Time Software Components

technology.sapphire Sapphire

technology.scanning Scanning

technology.scout Eclipse Scout

technology.simopenpass Eclipse sim@openPASS

technology.sisu Sisu

technology.skalli Skalli

technology.stem Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler

technology.subversive Subversive - SVN Team Provider

technology.sw360 Eclipse SW360

technology.swtbot SWTBot

technology.tigerstripe Tigerstripe

technology.triquetrum Triquetrum

technology.tycho Tycho

technology.uomo Eclipse UOMo

technology.usssdk Eclipse USS SDK

technology.xwt XWT

tools Tools Project

tools.ajdt AJDT - AspectJ Development Tools Project

tools.andmore Andmore

tools.aspectj AspectJ

tools.atf Ajax Tools Framework (ATF)

tools.buckminster Buckminster Component Assembly

tools.buildship Buildship

tools.cdt C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)

tools.cdt.tcf Target Communication Framework

tools.damos Damos

tools.edt EGL Development Tools

tools.gef Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)

tools.ldt Lua Development Tools

tools.linuxtools Linux Tools

tools.mat Memory Analyzer

tools.mtj Mobile Tools for Java

tools.objectteams Object Teams

tools.oomph Oomph

tools.orbit Eclipse Orbit Project

tools.pdt PHP Development Tools

tools.ptp Parallel Tools Platform (PTP)

tools.ptp.photran Fortran Development Tools (Photran)

tools.sequoyah Sequoyah

tools.statet StatET

tools.thym Thym

tools.titan Eclipse Titan Target Management

tools.tracecompass Trace Compass

tools.windowbuilder WindowBuilder

webtools Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project

webtools.common WTP Common Tools

webtools.dali Dali Java Persistence Tools

webtools.incubator WTP Incubator Java EE Module Configuration Editors

webtools.jeetools WTP Java EE Tools

webtools.jsdt JavaScript Development Tools

webtools.jsf JavaServer Faces

webtools.libra Enterprise Tools for the OSGi Service Platform

webtools.releng Webtools Releng

webtools.servertools Server Tools

webtools.sourceediting WTP Source Editing

webtools.vjet VJet

webtools.webservices Web Services Tools

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