Setting Up Remote Debugging

Before debugging on a server using PHP Web Page debugging, certain settings need to be configured to ensure that PDT can communicate with your server.


The following instructions explain how to set up Remote Debugging with the Zend Debugger.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To set up communication between PDT and the server on which you are debugging:

  1. Ensure the Zend Debugger is installed on your server.
    The Zend Debugger comes bundled with Zend Server, Zend Core and Zend Platform, but can also be downloaded as a separate component from

  2. Ensure the machine on which your PDT is installed is an allowed host for your debugger.
    See Setting your PDT to be an Allowed Host for more information.

  3. In PDT , configure your server according to the instructions under Adding Servers in the PHP Servers Preferences.

  4. Ensure the correct settings are configured in your Debug Preferences and Installed Debuggers Preferences pages.

  5. Ensure you have a dummy.php file in your remote server's document root.





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