PHP Preferences

Below is a list of the different PHP preferences which can be configured.


To access this menu, go to Window menu and select Preferences | PHP.




Configure the hierarchy display in PHP Explorer view.


Configure the display of elements in Outline views.

Code Style

Expand the list to access the Code Templates and Formatter Preferences.

Code Templates

Configure generated code and comments.


Set preferences for the auto-formatter.


Configure your debug preferences.

Installed Debuggers

Configure the settings for your installed debuggers.

Workbench Options

Configure the workspace's behavior when a debug session is launched.

Step Filtering

Configure Step Filtering elements.


Configure Smart Caret positioning.

Content Assist

Configure Content Assist preferences.

Code Folding

Configure the elements which will be folded by default.


Configure the settings and shortcuts for the hover functionality.

Mark Occurrences

Configure the Mark Occurrences settings.

Save Actions

Configures the behavior of whitespaces after saving.

Syntax Coloring

Set the font color for different elements.

Task Tags

Add and edit tasks tags.


Create, edit or remove templates.


Configure which items should be automatically completed.

New Project Layout

Configure the default project layout for new PHP projects.

PHP Executables

Add, remove or edit PHP executables definitions.

PHP Interpreter

Select the PHP version.


Add, remove, or edit PHP user libraries.

PHP Manual

Add PHP Manual sites.

PHP Servers

Add and edit PHP servers.




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