Formatter Preferences

The Formatter Preferences page allows you to set the editor's Tab policy.


The Formatter Preferences Preferences page is accessed from Window | Preferences | PHP | Formatter Preferences .


Select whether Tabs will be set by using Tabs or Spaces by selecting the required options from the drop-down Tab policy list.

If you selected Spaces, set the indentation size.



Instructions on how to complete a procedure

To apply Formatter Preferences settings to a specific project only:

  1. Select the link labelled "Configure Project Specific Settings".

  2. Select the required project from the list.
    A Formatter Preferences Properties dialog will appear.

  3. Select the required settings and click Apply.
    A prompt dialog will appear stating that a rebuild of the project must occur for the settings to take effect.

  4. Click Yes to rebuild the project.
    -Or- Click No for a rebuild to be performed only when PDT is restarted.
    -Or- Click Cancel to cancel the operation.





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