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A large number of robotic software have been developed but cannot or can hardly interoperate with each other because of their dependencies on specific hardware or software platform is hard-wired into the code. Consequently, robotic software is hard and expensive to develop because there is little opportunity of reuse and because low-level details must be taken into account in early phases. Moreover, robotic experts can hardly develop their application without programming knowledge or the help of programming experts and robotic software is difficult to adapt to hardware or target-platform changes. In this paper we report on the development of RobotML, a Robotic Modeling Language that eases the design of robotic applications, their simulation and their deployment to multiple target execution platforms. Have a look at the online developer documentation of developer or download it as pdf developer-guide.pdf.


RobotML is a project of the Eclipse Papyrus’s galaxy. RobotML application is a Papyrus DSML for modeling environment for robotic applications with Papyrus.

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