Paho MQTT C Client Library
Data Fields
MQTTProperty Struct Reference

#include <MQTTProperties.h>

Data Fields

enum MQTTPropertyCodes identifier
union {
   char   byte
   short   integer2
   int   integer4
   struct {
      MQTTLenString   data
      MQTTLenString   value

Detailed Description

Structure to hold an MQTT version 5 property of any type

Field Documentation

◆ identifier

enum MQTTPropertyCodes identifier

The MQTT V5 property id. A multi-byte integer.

◆ byte

char byte

holds the value of a byte property type

◆ integer2

short integer2

holds the value of a 2 byte integer property type

◆ integer4

int integer4

holds the value of a 4 byte integer property type

◆ data

The value of a string property, or the name of a user property.

◆ value [1/2]

The value of a user property.

◆ value [2/2]

union { ... } value

The value of the property, as a union of the different possible types.

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