Paho C++  1.0
The Paho MQTT C++ Client Library
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mqtt::topic Member List

This is the complete list of members for mqtt::topic, including all inherited members.

const_ptr_t typedefmqtt::topic
create(iasync_client &cli, const string &name, int qos=message::DFLT_QOS, bool retained=message::DFLT_RETAINED)mqtt::topicinlinestatic
get_name() const mqtt::topicinline
get_qos() const mqtt::topicinline
get_retained() const mqtt::topicinline
ptr_t typedefmqtt::topic
publish(const void *payload, size_t n)mqtt::topic
publish(const void *payload, size_t n, int qos, bool retained)mqtt::topic
publish(binary_ref payload)mqtt::topic
publish(binary_ref payload, int qos, bool retained)mqtt::topic
set_qos(int qos)mqtt::topicinline
set_retained(bool retained)mqtt::topicinline
to_string() const mqtt::topicinline
topic(iasync_client &cli, const string &name, int qos=message::DFLT_QOS, bool retained=message::DFLT_RETAINED)mqtt::topicinline