A package connecting and managing sensor style devices. Connecting sensors to the cloud and processing data with a digital twin platform.

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This package gives you a scalable, cloud based IoT messaging platform. This allows you to connect sensors and devices to a cloud back end and let them report telemetry data and events to be consumed by applications via the cloud back end.

The IoT messaging layer takes care of normalizing the various IoT protocols to AMQP 1.0, so that the back end applications can focus on processing the messages, rather than implementing various protocols. The messaging layer also provides the authentication and authorization layer. Ensuring that the back end applications only receive information from properly authenticated and authorized devices.

For making the implementation of back end applications easier, the digital twin platform will pre-process the incoming message stream, and translate it into a last-known state of the various devices. This makes it easier to implement back end applications, as the state is being managed by the digital twin platform.

In addition to the actual processing of data, the package also provides a feature to plan, orchestrate and monitor the roll-out of software updates to connected devices.

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