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UDC User Guide

The Usage Data Collector (UDC) collects information about how individuals are using the Eclipse platform. This information is periodically uploaded to servers hosted by The Eclipse Foundation. The intent is to use this data to help committers and organizations better understand how developers are using Eclipse.

The UDC is designed to have a minimal impact on user experience. The impact on performance is negligible.

Once installed, the UDC immediately starts monitoring your use of Eclipse. In particular, it takes note of the views, editors, perspectives, and commands that you use. It also keeps track of when you bring the Eclipse workbench window into focus. At a lower level, the UDC records the bundles (plug-ins) that are loaded by Eclipse. The information collected amounts to the id of the entity (view, editor, perspective, etc.), the symbolic name and version of the bundle that contains the entity, and the time of the event.

We recognize that the data collected may contain sensitive information. Symbolic names for bundles can potentially include company and product names; bundle versions, as well as view, editor, and perspective ids could potentially also contain sensitive information. With this in mind, the UDC includes a filtering framework that can be used to restrict the type of information that is uploaded.

After a configurable period of time (defaults to five days) passes, the UDC asks you for permission to upload.

At this point, you can tell the UDC what you want to do:

  • Upload now tells the UDC to upload the data that has been captured to date. After the same configurable period of time passes, you will be asked again.
  • Upload always tells the UDC to upload the data that has been captured to date and not ask again. Henceforth, the data will be uploaded without asking.
  • Don't upload tells the UDC not to upload the data that has been captured. After that same configurable period of time passes, you will be asked again. All the data collected to this point will be retained.
  • Turn UDC feature off tells the UDC not to upload the data and to stop collecting the data altogether. This turns off the usage data collection.

The period of time between requests to upload the usage data can be configured by changing the "Upload Period" field on the "Usage Data Collection | Uploading" preferences page.

The target for uploads is a server hosted by The Eclipse Foundation. The data is stored in its collected form in a foundation database.

Two different keys are used to identify the source of the uploaded data. The first key identifies the workstation; this key is stored locally in your "user home" directory. The second key identifies the workspace; this key is stored in the ./.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.epp.usagedata.recording directory for the workspace. These keys are uploaded along with the usage data.

Please review the Terms of Use.


The client side of the UDC is implemented in the Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP). You can find the code for it there.

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