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Usage Data Collector

The Usage Data Collector (UDC) is included in the packages available for download from the Eclipse Downloads page. The UDC collects information about how individuals are using the Eclipse platform. This information is periodically uploaded to servers hosted by The Eclipse Foundation. The intent is to use this data to help committers and organizations better understand how developers are using Eclipse.

Targeted Users of the Data:

  • Users of Eclipse
  • Committers working on Eclipse projects
  • ISVs and organizations creating Eclipse based software
  • Enterprise IT departments that make extensive use of Eclipse technology
  • Academic researchers who want to study how developers work

Data Collected

Captured data is associated with a user through a combination of workstation and workspace ids that are automatically generated by the collector. This identification is not tied to any personal information about the user.

The usage data monitors what is being used and when (timestamp), including:

  1. Loaded bundles
  2. Commands accessed via keyboard shortcuts
  3. Actions invoked via menus or toolbars
  4. Perspective changes
  5. View usage
  6. Editor usage

Where possible, the UDC also captures the symbolic name and version of the bundle contributing the command/action/perspective/view/editor.

The UDC also captures some basic information about the runtime environment:

  • Operating System
  • System Architecture
  • Window System
  • Locale
  • Number of processors available
  • And a number of system properties:
    • java.runtime.version
    • java.specification.vendor
    • java.specification.version
    • java.vendor
    • java.version
    • java.vm.specification.vendor
    • java.vm.specification.version
    • java.vm.vendor
    • java.vm.version

Note that none of these properties contain file paths or anything of a personal nature.

Please review the Terms of Use.


The client side of the UDC is implemented in the Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP). You can find the code for it there.

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