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Eclipse Foundation Updates its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The Eclipse Foundation has posted new versions of its Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Our motivations for updating these documents are pretty simple:

  1. The Eclipse Foundation has started offering services which collect and store user data on our servers. For example, the Automated Error Reporting Initiative will store stack traces from users who have encountered errors and wish to report them. Our previous versions of these documents were constructed under the assumption that what people were sending us was code, documentation, patches, and the like. As a result, we have added words to the effect that the data a user sends is open, unencrypted, and publicly available on the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 license. From a privacy perspective we made it clear that the data in AERI and the User Storage Service is public. So just like you don't put passwords in your GitHub repository, don't store private data with Eclipse.
  2. As a matter of clean up, we finally removed all references to the Common Public License from our terms of use. The Eclipse Foundation switch from the CPL to the Eclipse Public License about a decade ago, so it was time.

If you have any questions or concerns with this changes, please contact

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