embedded rich client platform (eRCP)
Eclipse Community Bulletin

Project Proposal for Embedded Devices submitted
by IBM, Motorola and Nokia

August 30, 2004 - The Eclipse Foundation announced that IBM, Motorola and Nokia have proposed a new Eclipse Technology project, called the Embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP). The proposed eRCP project will create several subgroups to investigate the suitability of using various components of the Eclipse RCP in a variety of embedded devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs.

The Eclipse RCP is the core component of the Eclipse platform that provides 1) a generic workbench, 2) user interface components to build rich client user interfaces, 3) a pluggable component model for easy integration of new features and functionality, and 4) an update manager for centralized management of deployed applications.

The current Eclipse RCP has been primarily focused on desktop computers. The eRCP project will create several subgroups to investigate the refinements required to target the Eclipse RCP for resource constrained embedded devices. Nokia and Motorola will be leading the subgroup investigating the user interface components (eSWT) specifically for use in Java enabled mobile devices.

The eRCP proposal will be available on the Eclipse Foundation website for public review and comment over the next 30 days. To review the proposal and provide feedback please visit the eRCP proposal home page on www.eclipse.org/proposals/eclipse-ercp/index.html.


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