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Expanded Broad-Based Eclipse Initiative Delivers
Open Test and Performance Tools Platform

  • Major Open-Source Collaboration in Testing, Tracing, Profiling and Monitoring
  • Cross-Vendor, Cross-Platform, Cross-Lifecycle
  • Open Platform and Extensible Exemplary Tooling
  • Hyades Project Builds on and Extends the Existing

SAN FRANCISCO-August 2, 2004-Today the Eclipse Foundation announced the creation of a Test and Performance Tools Platform Top Level Project to provide an open-development platform supplying frameworks and services for test and performance tools that are used throughout the software lifecycle (testing, tracing/profiling, tuning, logging, monitoring, analysis, autonomics, administration, etc.). Also included in this platform are data collection services and user interfaces for tracing, test case execution, logging and statistical behavior in local or remote execution environments. In committing to lead the project, Intel Corporation makes a major resource contribution to the Eclipse Foundation and to the development of software within the project.

"We are excited to contribute to the advancement that this Eclipse open-source initiative brings to the industry in the area of test and performance tooling," said Tyler Thessin, engineering manager for Intel Software Development Products and lead of the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Project Management Committee. "This infrastructure--and the tools built upon it--provide significant capabilities and benefits to the software industry and will contribute to the continued success of Eclipse and the growth of the Eclipse ecosystem."

This expanded initiative extends the Eclipse Hyades project which, over the last year and a half, has developed extensive Eclipse-based infrastructure and tooling for test and performance. "Hyades is one of the great achievements of the Eclipse Community," said Mike Milinkovich, recently appointed executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. "In my new role, I will seek to ensure Hyades gets the level of exposure and adoption that it deserves."

The core interoperability layer continues to be developed in a project known as the Hyades Core Platform led by Intel. Three additional streams of activity have also been identified as projects within the Test and Performance Top Level Project: Hyades Testing, Hyades Tracing and Profiling, and Hyades Monitoring.

"The involvement of Intel and other significant companies will ensure wider adoption of the open Hyades Core Platform as consensus architecture for innovative value-added products," said Dr Mike Norman, CEO of Scapa Technologies, who led the original Hyades project and now leads the Hyades Testing project. "For example, Intel will drive the adoption of the infrastructure to enable developers to harness the full power of Intel processors for applications."

Serge Lucio, senior product manager at IBM Rational who currently leads both the Hyades Monitoring and the Hyades Tracing and Profiling Projects said, "IBM is committed both to developing the Hyades Core Platform and other elements of Eclipse Test and Performance software and to leveraging them across a broad spectrum of its products."

SAP, Compuware and FOKUS continue to actively contribute to the Test and Performance project to provide a breadth of experience and a wide perspective to the team.

About Eclipse

The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member-supported corporation that hosts community based open-source projects. Eclipse creates royalty-free technology and a universal platform for development tools integration, modeling, testing and functionally-rich application construction. Eclipse based offerings give developers freedom of choice in a multi-language, multi-platform, multi-vendor supported environment. Eclipse delivers a dynamic plug-in based framework that makes it easier to create and integrate technology, saving time and money. By collaborating and sharing core integration technology, technology providers can concentrate and focus on areas of expertise and differentiation. The Eclipse Platform is written in the Java language and comes with extensive plug-in construction toolkits and examples. It has already been deployed on a range of development workstations including Linux, QNX, Mac OS X and Windows-based systems. Full details of the Eclipse Foundation and white papers documenting the design of the Eclipse Platform are available at www.eclipse.org.

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