infrastructure migration

Eclipse Community Bulletin Infrastructure Migration: Phase II

Revised: October 26, 2004

Phase I of the Eclipse infrastructure migration was executed successfully on October 16th. Phase II will complete the transition of the Eclipse infrastructure to the new Eclipse Foundation ISP location, and will begin on November 12th. In this phase, the key pieces of the Eclipse infrastructure will be moved, including CVS, mailing lists, newsgroups, bugzilla and HTML content. The projected outage will begin on Friday, November 12th, 19:00 EST and complete by Sunday, November 14th 12:00 EST. During the outage, services will be affected as follows:

  • CVS, Bugzilla and the Newsgroups will be unavailable
  • Mailing list messages will be queued
  • HTML content of the website will be available, but read-only
  • Downloads and mirror synchronization will be unaffected.

We have updated the FAQ with information regarding this phase of the move. Other questions can be directed to

We appreciate your patience during the transition!




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