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PolarSys Open Source Community Participates in the 25th INCOSE Symposium

Goal is to demonstrate and promote use of open source solutions for systems engineering.

Ottawa, Canada – July 13, 2015 – The PolarSys open source community, an Eclipse Foundation Working Group, focused on creating open source solutions for embedded development and systems engineering will be exhibiting and speaking at the upcoming INCOSE Symposium in Seattle, WA. PolarSys and member companies will be showcasing selected open source solutions that target systems engineering. The full range of PolarSys solutions includes systems and software engineering, software development, and verification and validation. INCOSE is the annual conference of the International Council of Systems Engineering.

PolarSys is a collaboration among some of the world’s largest systems engineering companies, including Airbus, Ericsson, CEA List, and Thales. This group is dedicated to creating an environment of open innovation that will create better tools and methods for systems engineering.

The objective of PolarSys’s participation at INCOSE is to educate and encourage other organizations to use open source solutions for systems engineering. Experts on open source and systems engineering tools will be on hand to discuss opportunities for using PolarSys solutions on large, industrial projects.

At the PolarSys exhibit at INCOSE (booth B6-B7), several PolarSys members, including CEA List, Obeo, Thales, and Zeligsoft, will showcase the following PolarSys systems engineering solutions:

  • Capella is a graphical modeling workbench for model-based systems engineering (MBSE) providing rich methodological guidance based on the Arcadia method for architectural design. Capella is extensible through specialty engineering viewpoints. It provides a wide spectrum of integrated tools improving productivity, ensuring scalability and enforcing model consistency.
  • Papyrus is the PolarSys solution for SysML and UML modeling that features extension and customization capabilities for full integration with the development lifecyle. Papyrus demos will cover Papyrus SysML and Papyrus for Real Time, a complete software modeling and development environment for cyber-physical systems.

A number of individuals involved in the PolarSys community will be speaking at INCOSE, including:

  • Jean-Luc Voirin, Stephane Bonnet, Veronique Normand, Daniel Exertier (Thales) speaking about ‘From initial investigations up to large-scale rollout of an MBSE method and its supporting workbench: the Thales experience’
  • Sebastien Gerard, Nataliya Yakymets (CEA List) speaking about ‘Enabling System and Safety Co-Engineering based on standards.’
  • Stephane Bonnet, Jean-Luc Voirin, Veronique Normand, Daniel Exertier (Thales) speaking about ‘Implementing the MBSE Cultural Change: Organization, Coaching and Lessons Learned’

More information about PolarSys is available at

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