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Voting is Open for the Eclipse Community Awards

Community Bulletin

Nominations for the Eclipse Community Awards are complete and voting has opened for the individual and project category nominees. Congratulations to all the worthy candidates! Show your appreciation to the people that have made Eclipse a stronger community by casting your vote.

More details about the awards and the nomination process can be found online. Voting for the Eclipse Community Awards will be open until February 26, 2010 at 5:00pm EST and the winner will be announced March 22, 2010 at EclipseCon.

The nominees are:

Top Committer

  • Kevin Barnes
  • Boris Bokowski
  • Nick Boldt
  • Dave Carver
  • Andy Clement
  • Andrew Eisenberg
  • Kim Moir
  • Andrew Overholt
  • Prakash GR Rangaraj
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • Markus Schorn
  • Eike Stepper
  • Remy Suen
  • Francis Upton
  • David Williams

Top Contributor

  • Matt Hall
  • Laurens Holst
  • James Sugrue
  • Lars Vogel

Most Innovative New Feature or Eclipse Project

  • Agent Modeling Platform (AMP)
  • b3
  • EclipseLink
  • Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Connected Data Objects (CDO)
  • GEF3D
  • Jetty OSGi Integration
  • Model to Text (M2T) Acceleo
  • Model to Text (M2T) Xpand
  • Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) Cocoa Port
  • Textual Modeling Framework (TMF) Xtext

Most Open Project

  • e4
  • Equinox p2
  • Mylyn
  • XML Tools in Web Tools Platform (WTP) Incubator

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