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View the Eclipse in the Large Webinar

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IT departments of large enterprises face unique challenges deploying Eclipse to thousands, and even tens of thousands, of their developers. Join us for a webinar that includes speakers from Cisco, Morgan Stanley and eBay about some of the key challenges they face, and steps they have taken to address these issues.

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Format and Agenda:
Each speaker will present for up to 20 minutes, followed by up to 10 minutes of Q&A. Each speaker has identified key topics they find most challenging. They will discuss:

  • Dennis Vaughn, Cisco
    • Scalability (65k + source files)
    • Diverse Deployments (geographically, NFS, OS/Versions)
    • Engineering Environment Diversity (legacy tools, acquisitions)
    • Working Culture (curmudgeons versus new hires, ROI versus VI/Emacs)
  • Miles Daffin, Morgan Stanley
    • Enterprise Constraints and their Consequences for Eclipse Provisioning
      • Zen and the Art of creating and maintaining a private Eclipse environment behind the corporate firewall
      • Enterprise Eclipse provisioning requirements - functional and non-functional
      • Meeting the requirements - how have we coped?
      • What problems still exist? (global configuration and increasing security.)
    • Next Steps: Further Reduce Total Cost of Ownership and Provide more Useful Features as Needed
      • Improve B3 tooling to make aggregation builds (mirrors) easier to debug
      • Automation of aggregation builds
      • Workspace provisioning
      • Usage Tracking
  • Joep Rottinghuis, eBay
    • Scalability (100k + source files)
    • Deployment (individualized workspaces)
    • Usage Tracking (who is using what, and what issues are in what versions)
    • Manifest Maintenance (OSGi bundle/package versions)

Webinar Details:

  • Recorded Date: December 14, 2009

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