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Voting for the Individual Eclipse Community Awards is Open

Community Bulletin

Nominations for the Eclipse Community Awards in the individual category are complete and voting has opened for the nominees. Congratulations to all the worthy candidates! Show your appreciation to the people that have made Eclipse a stronger community by casting your vote.

There is also a Most Prolific Newcomer Evangelist award, which will be presented to the individual that answered the most questions posted on the eclipse.newcomer newsgroup.

More details about the awards and the nomination process can be found online. Voting for the Eclipse Community Awards will be open until February 27, 2009 at 5:00pm EST and the winner will be announced March 23, 2009 at EclipseCon.

The nominees are:

Top Ambassador

Description Nick Boldt

  • "I'd like to nominate Nick Boldt. Look at all those fun contests he's initiated this year, e.g.,

    You'll find him on IRC answering questions. You'll find him blogging, often in the form of poetry set to music. You'll find him on newsgroups like newcomers, platform, PDT, and so on answering questions. And he helps many groups set up their builds, especially those new to Eclipse who need a helping hand.

    Nick reflects the spirit of Eclipse with his attitude and his actions. That's what ambassadors do..."
  • "+1 for Nick. It is amazing how many (good ;-) things he manages to do, including being responsible to make sure that multiple builds are working and all the fun stuff Ed mentioned."
  • "+1 for Nick Boldt, definitely! His contests are pure fun and he has done great work this year setting up better builds for PDT, blogging, helping people on newsgroups and IRC, and spreading the word about :-) "

Description Paul Fremantle

  • "Paul Fremantle, WSO2 co-founder and CTO , has served as an ambassador for Eclipse and its role in contributing to a flexible, heterogeneous SOA, both through development of WSO2 products that support Eclipse and continuing education of the developer community via conferences, webinars, blogs and the WSO2 forum. However, his most important initiative has been around the use of Eclipse Equinox to fundamentally redefine the structure of SOA middleware—extending beyond the componentization of individual products to create a fully componentized SOA middleware platform.

    With WSO2 Carbon, Paul has demonstrated the power of Equinox to create an SOA fabric in which developers can mix and match components of different products to assemble highly customized products for their individual needs. Since late last year, Paul has not only evangelized WSO2’s specific approach, but also the architectural principals of creating a fully componentized SOA platform enabled by Eclipse Equinox."

Description Mik Kersten

  • "I would like to nominate Mik Kersten for the Top Ambassador award.

    Mik has been evangelizing Eclipse in highly visible venues that reach beyond the current Eclipse ecosystem. He presented a widely attended talk at JavaOne that earned him a JavaOne Rock Star Hall of Fame award. Mik is the first member of the Eclipse ecosystem to be recognized with this award. He has also been promoting Eclipse and RCP at numerous other conferences, including a recent keynote talk at W-JAX, talks at SpringOne conferences, and some of the most highly rated talks on the Eclipse conference circuit.

    Mik's Eclipse Mylyn 2.2 and 3.0 videos have been viewed over 20,000 times (combined), making them the most highly viewed Eclipse webcasts on Eclipse Live. As CEO of Tasktop Technologies, Mik is demonstrating the capabilities of the Eclipse platform by basing all of his company's innovative products and services on Eclipse and RCP."

Description Tom Schindl

  • "I'd like to nominate Tom Schindl.

    He is helping everywhere in the newsgroups, does an excellent promotional work at conferences/blogs/papers and is very active in bringing forward new and established Eclipse technologies."

Description James Sugrue

  • "I would like to nominate James Sugrue. James has worked tirelessly podcasting interviews with Eclipse community members, blogging and writing articles on Eclipse.

    He's also managed to revive EclipseZone which is great. I particularly enjoyed reading the EMF team interview ( I can only hope he does more of those types of things ;) "

To read more about the candidates, click on the plus sign beside each name and see the DZone interview with the Top Ambassador nominees.

Top Committer

Description Martin Oberhuber

  • "I would like to also nominate Martin Oberhuber. He's done a great job leading the TM project at Eclipse ( but more importantly, he's done something I thought impossible, revive the Eclipse Architecture Council (EAC). Because of Martin's leadership, the EAC has become a place where committers can ask questions easily (, look at open issues (, seek mentorship and many other things.

    Thank you Martin."
  • "Martin gets my vote for bringing the AC back from the dead and moving towards a body that can provide support and services to all committers."
  • "+1 for Martin."
  • "I give my +1 to Martin Oberhuber. The work he's doing as Architecture Council lead is priceless."

Description Steffen Pingel

  • "I nominate Steffen Pingel for his contributions to the Mylyn project, in the form of community support via countless bugs and posts, as well as his code contributions. I hate to say this, but Steffen had more than 1/2 of the commits on Mylyn last year. To put that into perspective, Dash stats for 2008 put Mylyn as the most active Tools project by a pretty wide margin. His increasing involvement with cross-project, build and install has also been helpful in the release trains."

Description Thomas Watson

  • "I nominate Thomas Watson, the proverbial man behind the Equinox curtain. For those who don't know, Tom has been responsible for the Equinox framework for quite awhile, even back when it had a trendy name like "SMF" and OSGi was "revolutionizing" the home automation market.

    Tom's a quiet guy, but his careful eye in keeping the framework stable and pushing it to Eclipse gets a nod from me. On top of that, he represents Eclipse on the EEG and CPEG committees at, he's even promised me that the EEG won't ruin OSGi ;)

    Ok, +1 for Thomas Watson"

Description Jason Weathersby

  • "I would like to nominate Jason Weathersby as Top Committer for his work on the BIRT Project. Jason's work through the PMC, writing papers, speaking at conferences, maintaining our website, and most importantly monitoring our newsgroup have been a key reason for that people have taken up BIRT.

    The BIRT newsgroup is one of the busiest, most successful newsgroups in the Eclipse community. Jason has been instrumental in making this happen. Jason has written more than 5,000 newsgroup posts (16% of the total newsgroup volume). All of the as answers or debug on customer posed questions.

    He has helped our community work through some incredibly difficult and complex issues. All of this without adopting any of the attitude that some experts seem to get."
  • "+1, I do agree with Scott, Jason Weathersby is really professional and warm hearted, every body including me can get quick reply and exact answer from Jason."
  • "i would like to nominate Jason all the time..coz he is very prompt & patient and you can expect solutions very quick. He is really the best."
  • "+ 1 for Jason, Jason is the man."
  • "+ 1 for Jason Weathersby , he deserves it , fighting!!!"
  • "+1 for Jason Weathersby. Anytime I've had questions I've got quick and detailed answers on my questions. His commitment to the BIRT project and the community cannot be understated. Keep it up Jason"

Description Paul Webster

  • "I nominate Paul Webster for his tireless efforts in helping people on IRC, newsgroups and elsewhere."
  • "+1. What Chris said - Paul is an Eclipse machine. A bitter, surly Eclipse machine.  :) "
  • "+1 for Paul, this is a no-brainer."
  • "+1 for Paul"

Description David Willilams

  • "I nominate David Williams for his contributions to the Eclipse community. He does a lot of important work from triage to release engineering that is generally considered behind the scenes. He's managed to help grow the Webtools project and establish a successful incubator within Webtools. He's also been involved in Orbit and things like the release trains. Without David, it wouldn't have been possible for us to have a simultaneous release."

To read more about the candidates, click on the plus sign beside each name and see the DZone interview with the Top Committer nominees.

Top Contributor

Description Frank Becker

  • "I would like to nominate Frank Becker ( for Top Contributor. Frank has been an tireless contributor to the Mylyn project ( for over a year, and has implemented a number of excellent features in Mylyn (some you may have seen already, others due in Mylyn 3.1):

    * Porting to support Bugzilla 3.2 * Custom attributes (bug 226851) * Flags support (bug 186265) * Attachment deprecation/mark obsolete (bug 152065)

    Those are just the highlights. To date Frank has resolved 89 bugs and has numerous patches awaiting review. In addition to contributing code, Frank is also involved with end users and integrators through discussion on both the Mylyn newsgroup and mailing lists.

    Last but not least, Frank has recently received a round of +1 from all committers on the Mylyn project in favor of Frank's nomination as a committer on the Mylyn project.

    +1 Frank Becker for Top Contributor award"
  • "+ for Frank Becker.

    Through countless patches Frank has provided the other Mylyn committers help in improving and evolving the Bugzilla connector. This connector is used by a large portion of users, and is one of the few "common good" projects within the Eclipse community that has no official support from the Eclipse Foundation. It has been encouraging for the Mylyn project to see community contributions on this connector, in the form of Frank's patches and interactions with the community."

Description Benjamin Cabe

  • "I would like to nominate Benjamin Cabe. Benjamin has done a lot of great contributions to PDE and other areas in Eclipse. He's extremely active on bugzilla and does a good job of bug triage across various Eclipse components. His recent contributions to PDE allowed him to join the PDE Incubator as a committer to explore PDE/EMF integrations.

    As a bonus, he also managed to turn me onto, so +1 for him!"
  • "+1 for contributing to Modeling, photoshop contests, and turning me on to Kiva, too."
  • "+1 for Benjamin Cabé : for all the contests, contributions to PDE and his activity on bugzilla, newsgroups and mailing lists"

Description Dave Carver

  • "I'm going to nominate Dave Carver for this. While I don't really work with Dave on anything yet (which is unfortunate because Dave knows what he's talking about), I _have_ seen Dave's posts on the various communication channels of Eclipse (his own blog, newsgroups, the mailing lists, IRC, and so forth) and he is really, really active. I don't know where he finds the time for all of this because I'm pretty sure he's not doing all of these things on company time.

    Dave really just kind of "came out of nowhere" some time in 2007 (or early 2008?) and has contributed a tremendous amount to the Eclipse ecosystem since then. He works closely with the WTP SSE folks in his work for XSL tooling and has also helped push the VEX project from SourceForge over to recently. I see a bright future for anything related to XML editing at with Dave around and I hope Dave continues to stick around for many years to come. :) "
  • "+1 for Dave Carver. Dave work on the XSL tooling, his way of using his blog for communication and reaching out to the community is exemplar. Dave also accepted to mentor the BPMN sub-project on top of his many duties."

Description Eugene Kuleshov

  • "I would like to nominate Eugene Kuleshov for top contributor. Eugene is highly active in the Eclipse community and has reported or commented on almost 3000 bugs in 7 years. He has done amazing work on the m2eclipse project, and an incredibly dedicated Eclipse advocate."

Description Miles Parker

  • "I would like to nominate Miles Parker as a top contributor. Miles may be a surprising choice because he hasn't (to my knowledge) contributed any code. However, he is an excellent example of the fact that code isn't the only way someone in the community can make a positive contribution to the project. From the perspective of the Equinox p2 team, he has contributed something far more valuable than patches: an end-user perspective that is different from that of Eclipse developers. As committers we often fall victim to focusing too much on the user community we know best: ourselves. As a result we often tailor our solutions to a very narrow conception of end-user expectations and behavior. Therefore to have different end-user perspectives that are well thought out and articulated is absolutely vital to our success. Having a contributor like Miles providing constructive feedback early and often during development has been a great asset to the team. It is easy to provide criticism, but when the critique is polite, constructive, and thoroughly detailed, it is a refreshing change from the all too common slings and arrows from irate users.

    From a quick search, there are about a 100 bugs Miles has created or commented on in the recent past, mostly in the areas of the new SWT Cocoa port, and Equinox p2. Particularly good examples of his contributions are comments in bug 250316, bug 255984, bug 239301, and bug 236740. I'm sure I have missed many others."
  • "+1 for Miles, he has added valuable insight as we evolve the p2 UI in 3.5 (and before that as well, but I think I never noticed him in particular under the flood of 3.4 bugs)..."

Description Tom Schindl

  • "I would like to nominate Tom Schindl for top contributor.

    He has helped shaping Platform UI and Databinding and recently brought the UFacekit project over to Eclipse. But what's really been making me jump is the fundamental impact he has on the future of Eclipse through his contributions to the e4 project - which also led to voting him into the Eclipse Architecture Council.

    Few may know that he's been doing all this in his private spare time, he's even been funding EclipseCon visits privately. He's been contributing his time and energy out of passion for Open Source and Technology, that's why I'm nominating him for Top Contributor (although he is a committer)."
  • "+1 for Tom Schindl. His talks at Eclipse Summit Europe this year were fantastic."

To read more about the candidates, click on the plus sign beside each name and see the DZone interview with the Top Contributor nominees.

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