Ward Cunningham
Eclipse Community Bulletin
Ward Cunningham Joins the Eclipse Foundation

The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce that Ward Cunningham is joining the staff of the Eclipse Foundation.

To date, the efforts of the Eclipse Foundation in support of the committer community have been primarily around providing infrastructure and process. However, a high functioning committer community is about more than just sharing servers and following a common process. A high functioning committer community is about collaboration and cooperation between the project silos. Although the Councils do an admirable job of co-ordinating the activities of the many Eclipse projects, what is needed is a culture of collaboration and cooperation. This is especially true today, as Eclipse grows rapidly with new projects and new committers.

To help cultivate this committer culture, Ward Cunningham is joining the Eclipse Foundation as Director, Committer Community Development. Ward's track record of invention in areas such as wikis, patterns and agile development are known worldwide. His current interests in open source and developing communities of developers are a perfect match for the work we need to do at Eclipse. Ward will lead the effort to create a more cohesive Eclipse committer community by working with developers in order to enhance Eclipse as "the place to be".




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