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Eclipse Japan Working Group

The Eclipse Foundation is pleased to announce the formation of the Eclipse Japan Working Group.  This working group will be focused on developing and promoting an Eclipse ecosystem within Japan.  Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM Japan, NEC and NTT Comware have been instrumental in the creation of this group and will take a lead role in its activities.  Any Eclipse Foundation member company is invited to participate in this working group.   Please note that all meetings of the Eclipse Japan Working Group will be conducted in Japanese.

The first general meeting of the Eclipse Japan Working Group will be held in Tokyo (Makuhari) on April 25th. There will be opportunities to learn more about the Eclipse Japan Working Group in addition to technical seminars on RCP and JDT. Speakers include Mike Milinkovich, the Eclipse Foundation, Shinichi Doyama, NTT Comware and others from Fujitsu, Hitachi , IBM and NEC.

Visit the 1st Seminar of the Eclipse Japan Working Group website for program details, registration information and more information about joining the Working Group.




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