Minutes: Eclipse Members Meeting
Eclipse Members
eclipse members meeting

Eclipse Members Meeting
February 28, 2005, Burlingame, CA


The list of attendees is provided here.


Introduction of New Strategic Developers

Five new strategic developers were introduced during this meeting. A representative from each company presented their company's strategy and involvement with Eclipse. Their presentations are available below.

BEA presentation
Borland presentation
CA presentation
Scapa presentation
Sybase presentation

Report on Theme and Priorities

Anurag Gupta, Intel reported on the how the Add-in Providers list of requirements was used during the development of the Eclipse roadmap. His presentation is available here and the final road map document is available here.

Market Research

Janal Garvin from Evans Data Corp was an invited speaker to the members meeting. She presented some of Evan's findings on the market trends in the Linux, embedded and enterprise developer community.

Business Research

Siobhan O'Mahoney from Harvard Business School has begun to undertake some business research into the dynamics of open source communities and in particular Eclipse. Her presentation highlighted the different aspects of her research and requested participation of the different member companies. Her presentation is available here.

Executive Director Report and Project Update

Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of Eclipse Foundation, reported on the operation and priorities of the Eclipse Foundation. He also presented the new Eclipse Roadmap document and update the membership on the current status of the Eclipse projects. His presentation can be found here.

Healthcare Initiative

Igor Yasno of ITG introduced a new initiative to create a framework for the healthcare vertical. His presentation can be found here.

Marketing Update

Ian Skerrett, Director of Marketing, Eclipse Foundation reported on the marketing initiatives around Eclipse. His presentation can be found here.