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2011 Candidate:
Gunnar Wagenknecht

Chief Architect, AGETO

Nominee for Committer Member representative

Planet Eclipse Creator
Technology PMC Member
Gyrex Lead
Orbit Committer
RAP Incubator Committer
Architecture Council member
EclipseCon Program Committee (2006)

email:  gunnar at


Eclipse is an exceptional community. In my opinion the most important piece of this community is a vivid and steady flow of manifold contributions coming from member companies, committers, adopters and users. I'm a strong supporter of the Eclipse community, it's openness and diversity across the board. When initiating Planet Eclipse back in 2005 it wasn't just to raise the voice of the Eclipse community on the web but also to give community members a chance to raise their voice to be heard within the community.

My vision for 2011 is to ensure that the committer interests are properly represented at the Eclipse Board meetings. I intend to actively participate in ongoing as well as to initiate new discussions on topics which aid improving the life and work of committers at Eclipse projects.

Another important part of my work will be to ensure that enough funding is available to provide first-class infrastructure services to committers. With Git coming to Eclipse projects there is a new door open for contributions. The current processes involving Bugzilla, IPZilla and patches need to be reviewed. New tools like Gerrit will come into the game and need to be looked at. There is not only the question of adopting those tools into the Eclipse Development and IP Process. There is also the question of evolving the processes to (better) support new workflows offered by these tools.

About the Candidate

Gunnar is a software engineer who loves server and application architectures especially those involving Equinox/OSGi. In his primary role at AGETO he is thrilled to work on open source software, emerging platforms and technologies, and to help companies understand Eclipse and OSGi and execute on their business objectives in an open source context. He has been a member of the Eclipse Community since its beginning and he is a prolific contributor with many years of experience on numerous Eclipse projects; Gunnar is also a member of the Technology PMC which he represents on the Eclipse Architecture Council. Apart from Eclipse he loves chatting about fishing, diving and his family and other things that matters over a good beer or a glass of dry, barrel aged red wine.



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