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2011 Candidate:
Chris Aniszczyk

Principal Software Engineer and Evangelist, Red Hat

Nominee for Committer Member representative

Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) Committer
Technology and Mylyn PMC Member
EGit / JGit Committer
Orbit Committer Maintainer
EclipseCon Program Committee (2007-2011)
Eclipse Board Committer Representative (2007-2011)

email:  zx at


My overall vision for Eclipse is simple, keep building the community so the Eclipse ecosystem can prosper. We have a unique open source community at Eclipse that is comprised of a variety of parties, from individuals to academics to businesses. We need to keep all parties in mind and make it easier for everyone to be successful at Eclipse without alienating anyone.

While writing this, it's amazing to reflect that Eclipse has been around for a decade. The amount of technological progress and change has been staggering.. In order to remain vibrant and relevant, Eclipse will have to deal with legacy but also look towards the future. With the e4 project, we are making progress to modernize the existing code base and rich client platform that is important to the majority of our current users. However, in early 2011, Eclipse announced the Orion project which looks towards a future where browser-based tool integration platforms are going to be important. The web space is new for and the Orion project will attract new types of developers to and we'll have to make sure they're accomodated for. Furthermore, we'll have to continue to modernize our infrastructure with Git as the backbone for version control to alleviate some resources from maintaining the current three version control systems.

In the end, as a committer representative, I will continue to support committers and bring forward any concerns. My passion lays with growing the Eclipse ecosystem and making sure its constituents are happy. I have demonstrated my passion over the last few years via action. I have introduced new contributors to the Eclipse ecosystem, mentored many committers and attracted new projects. I have also been one of the major proponents in bringing Git to, from bringing the proposal to the board to actually committing and pushing on the respective EGit and JGit projects.

To ensure Eclipse continues to grow and thrive I will particularly focus on:

  • Continue modernizing the Eclipse infrastructure around Git and make sure the move is done by end of 2011
  • Simplify the IP logging process by taking advantage of git-notes
  • Push the Foundation to consider hosting a wide Gerrit instance for code review
  • Make way for Eclipse's entry into the web development community with Orion
  • Push the Eclipse Marketplace to become an appstore for the Eclipse ecosystem
  • Build bridges within the Eclipse ecosystem and with other open source and commercial projects
  • Encourage Eclipse committers and projects to participate in the community via blogs, forums and other communication channels
  • Lower the barrier to entry for new projects without sacrificing the quality Eclipse is known for
  • Evangelize and grow the e4, Orion and EclipseRT efforts
  • Ensure Eclipse processes are transparent and lightweight as possible

On the whole, my goal is to make Eclipse thrive and be transparent as possible about the board's activities. I love bringing new projects to the Eclipse ecosystem and mentoring new committers. I will pay special attention to how we can make the Eclipse development process easier for smaller projects. In the end, I would be honored to represent you, the committers, for another term.

About the Candidate

Chris Aniszczyk tends to be all over the place inside the Eclipse community by committing on various projects and helping new projects off the ground. He's a Principal Software Engineer and Evangelist at Red Hat. He is the co-author of The Eclipse Rich Client Platform (Addison-Wesley) book and has been recognized by the Eclipse Community Awards as Top Ambassador and Top Committer. He sits on the Eclipse Architecture Council, Eclipse Planning Council and has the honor to represent the committers on the Eclipse Foundation's Board of Directors. Chris's passions are modularity, evangelism, open source and anything Eclipse.

He's always available to discuss opensource or Eclipse over a frosty beverage.


Red Hat

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